Path of Exile Ultimatum provides fans with many new experiences

  • The well-known ARPG game Path of Exile has achieved quite stable growth throughout its life cycle, attracting fans because they have gradually realized the great potential of the sophisticated system and style. GGG intends to release Path of Exile 2 next year, but it did not affect the release schedule of regular extensions. Grinding Gear Games has steadily released many interesting expanded versions, and the emergence of Ultimatum has added a variety of new game styles and final game options to keep the game fresh for most of 2021. And players also have more confidence to complete the challenge and earn POE Currency.

    Eight new Skill/Support Gems have added to this expansion. This is also a continuous creative manifestation of the development team. It themed these gems around blood, sacrifice and the exchange of one thing for another. Skill gems are very special, but players can easily interact with other auxiliary gems to increase their potential. For example, Exsanguinate is a new skill that allows players to use healthy and illegal power to apply a special bloody tendril attack on a single target. Petrochemical blood has changed the way of working for people with low health by increasing the limit to 50% and changing the way damage is tolerated.

    Path of Exile Ultimatum also contains some updates to the Vaal skills that fans have been hoping for a long time. Almost every Vaal skill has changed and even given some additional effects to Ultimatum. Just to name a few, Vaal Ice Nova and Vaal Blade Nove now have two charges. Vaal earthquakes cause more damage and last longer. The arrows fired by Vaal Rain of Arrows have increased by 50%, and they have increased in attack. These are just some changes made, and extensions have brought more changes.

    For the time being, the season is already halfway through. If players want to affect higher achievements in the last month and a half, it is best to seek powerful help from reliable online sellers, who can Buy POE Currency, to realize your grand plan as soon as possible!