Get what you want from Madden 21 Ultimate Legends 15 group

  • Players know EA added Legends 15 group to Madden 21 Ultimate Team on May 22, which brought a lot of attractive players and items. So besides spending a certain amount of Madden 21 Coins, what other methods can players used to get those attractive things? One available method is that players can put together swap sets to get those 99 OVR items, except for Tony Romo. With the release of LTD Ultimate Legends, he can randomly draw out selected packages for 48 hours. Alternatively, the player can buy his card at the auction house for 300,000 or more Madden Coins.

    In order to get 99 OVR Professional Edition Ultimate Legend Tony Gonzalez, gamers need a set of 9 cards. These are four of Gonzalez’s 89 OVR cards in this version, four of his 93 OVR cards, and his 97 OVR cards. The same is true for Sean Taylor, because this will be the card level required to get his 99 OVR Professional Card. There is also a repeatable exchange set to get the ultimate legendary card with random skills. These will require two 87-88 OVR Legends, five 85-86 OVR Legends and seven 83-84 OVR Legends cards to unlock for Gonzalez or Taylor.

    As far as the auction price of the new card is concerned, MUTHEAD’s list shows nearly 500,000 Gonzalez coins on Xbox and about 400,000 coins on PlayStation. Taylor’s player card seems to be gaining higher value, as expected. The current price on PS4 is 700,000 Madden 21 Coins, while the price on Xbox is close to 800,000 coins. Gonzalez and Taylor also have a new Ultimate Legend Challenge to play. Here, players can use their ultimate team to fight against the legendary team throughout the game. They are worth up to five stars, each worth 2,900 coins, and the player’s Power Up items.

    There is also an Ultimate Legends Token challenge, worth 700 coins, four stars and a token for exchange. Once there are enough tokens, gamers will receive MUT Ultimate Legends player items. Or they can consult the helpful GameMS for solutions. They have the opportunity to Buy Madden Coins there without spending a lot of money. Give it a try!