Practical advice from Madden 21 Champion Henry Leverette

  • In Madden 21, almost every player has different preferences, which is reflected in their Ultimate Team construction. Some players prefer the ultimate defense, so almost all players on the team are good at defensive ratings. Although such a team may perform average offensively, it is also very insurmountable for opponents. However, most players have a relatively balanced lineup, with both a quarterback and receiver with better capabilities, and a compatible player reconciliation with a good team chemistry. It doesn’t take many Madden 21 Coins to build a cost-effective and good team.

    For those players who advocate the ultimate offense, they may believe that the best defense is offense! Therefore, the players in their team are very good at offense. Such a team dare to tear any vigorous defense and complete a touchdown. Madden 21 has a huge player base, and game players are always looking for skills and Madden 21 Coins to improve and get better on the digital gridiron. Madden 21 Champion Henry Leverette gives some advice to beginners. Although winning the championship defensively is the voice of many people, Henry’s advice focuses more on the opponent’s defensive performance.

    He said that for those who have just entered Madden 21, the most important secret is to pay attention to the performance of their opponents on the defensive end. Henry added that, for example, if players see a separate safe zone, the defensive lineup is more likely to be Cover 1 or Cover 3. If they see two safe zones in the box, it is most likely Cover0. Paying attention to these small details may make the game easier for players to proceed. In the game of Madden 21, there are many different factors. New players, even players who have been playing for many years, may wonder where to concentrate their practice time.

    If players only have enough time to focus on a certain part of the game, then they must focus on their persistent work. Although these players may miss a few months of metadata or know little about the game, as long as they can work tirelessly, they will always have a strong competitiveness. In his opinion, this is the most important thing for Madden. Players can also buy some cheap enough MUT Coins at GameMS to improve the lineup strength and then focus on that, it will be twice the result with half the effort.