The number of rookies at Path of Exile has risen rapidly

  • According to the data got in the past year, Path of Exile ushered in many new players. And some of the knowledgeable people also actively took part in the topic discussion in the Path of Exile community, which caused a lot of heated discussions. This all stems from the COVID-19 in early 2020 that forced people to stay at home and find some fun to pass their time, and because of the derivation of major leagues, Path of Exile is more attractive. They’d better learn about the practical guide about the game in advance and buy some POE Currency as a backup.

    Grinding Gear Games has always set a record for players’ game time, and the player’s game hours have increased by 17% to be sufficient for performance. And the increase in the number of players shows no sign of stopping. Besides the usual reasons such as players planting POE Currency or Chaos Orb, there are other reasons that cause this to happen.

    Path of Exile has been very successful as an excellent online ARPG that continues to develop. For example, The Echo of Atlas specifically emphasizes the core mechanism of Path of Exile, and in this way brings recent changes to the traditional games that players play every day. The game team has been adding patches and experimenting with new mechanisms or gameplay. The Echo of Atlas was hyped before its release and considered by some to be one of the best extensions GGG has launched so far.

    Today, Path of Exile has over 35 extensions, hundreds of patch updates, and millions of players worldwide. If the game team wants to continue to increase the number of players, then they must go all out for every expansion. The unremitting support from the players is equally important. They can also Buy POE Currency to launch an impact towards higher achievements and become the most powerful person in Path of Exile!