How to play Path of Exile The Witch Summoner Build?

  • Path of Exile is not only famous because the game itself is completely free, but also because it attracts people to join because of its high degree of freedom and huge gameplay system. When players struggle in this journey, they may need some practical Builds or POE Currency to get out of the predicament. In the current Ultimatum league, The Witch Summoner Build is such a widely used build. Many players have used it to pass many difficult obstacles.

    Considering how versatile the build is, and how many modifiers Path of Exile offers, the main recommendations are: get a “Trigger a Socketed Spell when you use a Skill” wand, so that an Offering, Desecrate, and Convocation can be socketed in the weapon. Another useful affix is the “Recover x% of Life when you Block,” which is especially good for Necromancers running Bone Offering, using Rumi’s Concoction, and grabbing a few Block nodes from the passive tree.

    This allows the necromancer to be always safe thanks to all of the life restored by Block and other useful buffs, including possibly a basalt patch to reduce the incoming physical damage. Ultimatum Introduces Path of Exile to Lifetap Support. It can be used to make Specters apply utility buffs more frequently as well.

    It should mainly allocate the rest of the passive points to increase the character’s Life, generic utility nodes, and of course increase damage for minions and the max number of summoned minions with Death Attunement. There are no mandatory keystones to grab, but Elemental Equilibrium can help to sustain debuffs on enemies, and Unwavering Stance is good to avoid stuns. As for the Necromancer’s Ascendancy nodes, they should include Mistress of Sacrifice, Commander of Darkness, Mindless Aggression, and either Unnatural Strength or Bone Barrier, depending on if players want more damage or survivability with their POE Currency.

    As players get deeper into the league, their demand for useful consumables and currencies is increasing. If they want more help, they can Buy POE Orbs at