What did the previous Madden 21 1.28 patch talk about?

  • EA fans have to admit that the Madden series is one of the most popular series among all EA Sports series. Recently, it added a small patch called 1.28 to Madden 21. Although Madden 21 had many problems when it was first released, it is difficult to deny its success. Although these issues are still issues in the gaming community, there are still all updates on all aspects of Madden 21. Players’ demand for MUT 21 Coins is still high.

    Some game reviewers have claimed that Madden 21 is the worst generation. Because EA actively promotes monetization and many key parts of the game are not optimized and improved, this has made so many players and external commentators dissatisfied. The most obvious problem is about franchise. We have mentioned this issue since Madden 21 came out. Until January of this year, EA finally launched three rounds of updates to it. Although it is still not perfect, it is not so bad, anyway.

    According to EA, after they release Madden 22, players will see what the perfect franchise is like. And recently they launched the 1.28 program to fix several minor troubles and animation problems in the game. For the time being, the probability of large patches appearing is low. The title update is now available on all platforms that support Madden 21 operation. Players who want to know more details can also find the information they want and other updated details of Madden 21 on the EA official website.

    Players also need to seize the last few remaining hours to play Madden 21. After all, Madden 22 is coming soon. They also need to go to GameMS to buy some Cheap Madden 21 Coins to support their development in the Madden 21 Ultimate Team. Come on.