Path of Exile developers responded to the powerful reaction aft

  • As we all know, GGG released Path of Exile 3.14 extension on April 16. The players have warmly welcomed it, but based on the current situation, it does not seem to be optimistic. Players expressed vehement opposition to the preferential treatment given to streamers by the game team. Although players can now complete some more challenging tasks in the new league to get many POE Currency and excellent quality rare materials, they are still not satisfied.

    There is an element of competition there, and those who get the highest map are first expected to dominate the in-game economy in the next few months. These players will also gain the lead in the battle for the leader, getting extremely valuable rewards. But Chris Wilson announced to the players that the release of this expansion is extremely difficult. Wilson believes that at the beginning of the league, the queue ran incredibly slowly that it would take at least two hours for everyone to take part in the game.

    Grinding Gear Games completely disabled migrations, which solved the queue speed issue at the hour mark, but at that moment, the domain collapsed and most players quit, and then continued to do so about every 10 minutes. Besides the catastrophic destruction of GGG’s release plan, this completely puzzled the game team because they have been very cautious about changes to the domain’s infrastructure. Although Grinding Gear Games is currently trying to solve this problem, it still exists. Developers will continue to work on solving this problem until the server is running normally.

    Among all these, Grinding Gear Games allowed streamers to bypass the slow queue, angering the wider Path of Exile community. Now players are also waiting anxiously. Their purpose is just to enjoy the fun of Path of Exile’s new expansion faster and more refreshing. May wish to take advantage of this time, they can POE Currency Buy to prepare for it. Keep patient.