Path of Exile development team is annoyed by their actions

  • What makes Path of Exile players very upset recently is that they could not enjoy the new ideas of Ultimatum expansion in time. The cause is that some catastrophic factors completely disrupted Grinding Gear Games’ original release plan, and the bad influence on the streamers also caused players to complain. It not only fails to allow players to apply POE Currency to actual challenges as quickly as possible, but also puts a lot of pressure on the development team.

    GGG President Wilson explained that the background is that they have been carrying out some paid and influential marketing activities recently, which involve arranging large-scale broadcasts to bring money to show the audience the Path of Exile in order to make a profit. The developers have also arranged a two-hour streaming payment, and then they encountered a login queue that took two hours to clear. This can almost make players really invest a lot of money.

    Wilson admitted this move was wrong. Instead of providing viewers with something to watch while waiting, it is better to offend all players who desire to enter the game but are powerless and have to watch others enjoy this freedom. It is completely understandable that many players have told people that every league of Path of Exile must be a level playing field for everyone, and they need to try their best to maintain this balance. They will also plan future marketing activities to deal with emergencies in order to better deal with this situation in the future.

    Not only are many players dissatisfied with all aspects of today, the game team also feels very self-blame now. Grinding Gear Games hopes to solve all server problems as soon as possible to show players the many wonderful contents they have carefully prepared. And players also need to buy more POE Items to have a higher level of competitiveness. Go ahead!