What are the minor new content and features in Path of Exile Ul

  • About the main new content and extra features in Path of Exile Ultimatum, everyone must already know it, after all, it has been a few days since it started. The first is that the development team has added various new league rewards. Players can go to the official POE forum to view specific information. They also added five new Sextant modifiers which will cause maps in the associated Atlas region to contain Blight, Delirium, Harvest, Heist or Ritual encounters. And I believe players should have found improvements in sound and environment and effects, which makes them more willing to buy POE Currency to take it seriously.

    Players can now access the conquerors encountered by Atlas through map items. After preparing the conqueror’s castle, talking to Zana will open the “Map Device” interface, which contains the map of the conqueror’s castle that has placed in the first slot. POE Currency can apply to these maps like regular maps, and adding fragments or scarabs next to the map will further enhance the map. The number of items will only increase the number of rewards dropped by the conqueror by 20% of its POE Chaos Orb.

    Maven will now only witness these objects in the “Unknown Territory Atlas” area of the player who created them. When players complete the map, the awakening reward target no longer provides an additional opportunity to accept the atlas task. The developers have also reduced the chance of encountering abyss, ambush, withering, destruction, dominance, essence, robbery, legion, transformation and torture in the map area by 20%. The same amount also reduced the chance of encountering a Zana mission that contains any of these mechanisms. They also reduced the chance that the map area contains the Deli spectacle by about 20%. Now, Zana is only half as likely to provide a unique synthetic map when providing missions.

    Not only Echo of Atlas has improved, but Ritual League is the same as the Heist League and Harvest League. Players who don’t want to play the new league for the time being can buy POE Orbs to play the previous league to relive the original excitement. Regardless of the league, players should go all out to be worthy of their efforts.