Three Kinds Of Craftsmanship Of Velvet

  • According to different processes, velvet fabrics can be divided into three types, crumpled velvet, velvet, and jacquard velvet. Of course, according to other divisions, different names will naturally appear, such as burnout velvet fabric, flower velvet fabric, etc. First, let's take a look at the differences in the above fabrics.

    1. Crumpled velvet

    As the name suggests, it is a fabric made of pure velvet that has been twisted and crumpled by a machine. Its mottled surface will produce a good gloss effect, which is more common in fashion design.

    2. Velvet Velvet

    It is smoother in touch and shiny in appearance. It is produced by high-pressure flattening of ordinary velvet fluff, which has a higher fluff density than ordinary velvet.

    3. Jacquard velvet

    The pure velvet is trimmed according to the design pattern to remove part of the fluff, and the remaining fluff presents a three-dimensional jacquard pattern, which is jacquard velvet. Flowers and abstract lines are the most common jacquard patterns and are more commonly used in home decor.

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