Do You Have Any Ideas For Different Styles of Sofa Fabrics ?

  •  At present, there are many sofa fabrics on the market, which can be divided into cotton, linen, chemical fiber, and so on according to the raw material composition. But different fabrics can create different home styles. The sofa is a part of family life. With it, there is a taste of life. A warm and comfortable family life starts with choosing a sofa.

     Cotton and linen are natural and rustic, and velvet is luxurious and beautiful. Technical cloth has a low-key and high-end sense, and PU leather is also high-end, not to mention microfiber leather and genuine leather, which are relatively high-end and luxurious.

     When choosing fabrics, the style comparison of the same sofa, fabric, and leather goods must be combined with the decoration style of your own home. For example, Nordic, modern, and light luxury styles are all suitable for choosing leather sofas to create a sense of luxury. Japanese style, small and fresh style, it is more appropriate to choose a fabric sofa. Retro style, light luxury style, velvet fabric is the first choice.

      Because of its matte "leather" texture, the technical fabric sofa is not only suitable for a simple and atmospheric background, but also can be matched with a low-key and simple environment, which is extremely inclusive.

      At the same time, in terms of convenience of cleaning and maintenance, leather sofas are superior to fabric sofas. It is enough to wipe the dust with a cloth, and after a period of time, you can keep it beautiful and beautiful. Cloths are a little trickier, and colored stains can leave marks if not handled properly. Dry cleaning is also required if there are heavy stains.

      Different styles and the quality of the sofa will also be different. As for whether to choose technical cloth, PU leather, microfiber leather, or genuine leather, it depends on your budget and preferences.

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