PE Tubes Suppliers Introduces The Use Strategy Of Seals


    Different types of sealing rings are determined according to the requirements of the product application. Different types of sealing rings have different media resistance, hardness, and scope of use. A V-shaped sealing ring is a kind of elastic rubber sealing ring acting axially, used as a pressureless seal of the rotating shaft. The sealing lip has good mobility and adaptability, can compensate for larger tolerances and angle deviations can prevent internal grease or oil from leaking outward, and can also prevent external splashing or dust from intruding. U-shaped sealing rings are often used in the manufacture of reciprocating seals in hydraulic systems and are widely used in the sealing of hydraulic cylinders in construction machinery.Pe tubes suppliers introduces the scope of use of seals.

    The O-type sealing ring is mainly used for static sealing and reciprocating sealing. When used for rotary sealing, it is limited to a low-speed rotary sealing device. Rectangular sealing rings are generally installed in a groove with a rectangular cross-section on the outer circle of the inner circle for sealing. Sealing rings are installed on both sides of the packaging conveyor belt to perform necessary stage control of the packaging box, which is used for the control of the production process of electronic products and the necessary sealing on the transportation tools. The mechanical seal makes the contact surface of the static ring and the moving ring still fit together forever during movement, and we generate an appropriate specific pressure between the static ring and the moving ring.

    The damage to the sealing surface is mostly caused by uneven slip marks and face cut marks. The sealing surface of the static ring is caused by the deformation or damage of the seal head of the pump and the agitator or the uneven tightening force of the bolts. Leakage occurs after deformation. It may also be due to the change in temperature and thermal expansion difference of the sliding parts during the hot-fitting process, which change the shape of the sealing surface, and the sealing performance will be damaged as a result, which will lead to leakage problems. The end face of the sealing ring is sealed. The lubricity is also very important.

    Once the liquid film on the end surface is damaged, it will cause instantaneous wear and roughness of the friction sealing surface, and some hard materials will also produce cracks and other serious phenomena. When the temperature of the sliding friction surface rises suddenly, if the heat accumulation cannot be removed immediately, it will cause the evaporation of the sealing fluid and the disappearance of the lubricating film, which will lead to the occurrence of a thousand friction phenomenon. Friction can easily damage the sealing surface and bury a lot of hidden dangers of leakage. The moving ring and the static ring of the mechanical seal device are always rotating with the shaft. They repeat the same movement frequently, and this repetitive movement will change the seal end face.