The Best Champions for Beginners in League of Legends

  • League of Legends is home to hundreds of Champions in your LoL Account , and it's a roster that's only growing faster as the years go by. When you've just started out, the game doesn't really recommend anyone in particular, so it can be a daunting experience trying to learn the basics if you're not clued in on whose easy to play.


    Malphite is a great team-champion that can set up strong combos for his team to follow-up on.

    He has great poke with his Q, which does damage based on his AP as well as slows the target. It is a point-and-click ability so you can’t miss it.

    Malphite’s strongest ability is his ultimate. Malphite’s ultimate is one of the strongest in the game. Malphite rushes in and knocks up all enemy units in his target location while also dealing massive damage to them, this allows his teammates to finish off all the enemies caught in Malphite’s ultimate with ease.

    Because of his simple kit, easy-to-use but incredibly strong ultimate, Malphite has a great beginner kit because as long as you land that ultimate, you’re helping your team win.


    Jungle can be one of the most difficult roles in the game, but for those up to the task, Warwick’s your pick. Warwick has an easy time clearing camps and sustaining in the jungle with his Q’s heal, which is perfect for newbies who may not know how to manage resources efficiently. Likewise, his passive makes up for any pathing mistakes and grants players the ability to roam quickly around the map, allowing for a higher number of ganks.


    Sona is one of the best support champions for new players to pick up. Each of her spells automatically targets allies or enemy champions within a certain range, so players won’t have to worry about landing skillshots outside of her ultimate ability. In the laning phase, Sona is a strong poke champion with her Q, but she can also be a strong teamfighter in the later stages of the game—making her perfect for players looking to learn how to play at different points in a match.


    Rounding out our LoL champions for beginners will be Lux, a middle-lane Mage known for her shields, rooting enemies in place, and dealing huge damage with a beam of light. Lux's Q, Light Binding, does literally that, releasing a sphere of light that will not only deal damage, but any enemy caught will be rooted for a few seconds.

    Her W, Prismatic Barrier, is a fantastic shielding ability for both Lux and her teammates. Lux fires out a ball of light and bends it around any friendly champions, protecting them from enemy damage. Her E, Lucent Singularity, fires light in a circular area that slows enemy champions and once Lux detonates it, deals damage to any enemy within the circle.


    One of the most recognizable faces in the ADC role, Ashe is also one of the most consistently strong marksman in the game and one of the easiest ADC’s to pick up. Her kit is easy for a new player to understand, her passive slows, her Q boosts attack speed and turns her auto into flurry attacks, her W works similar to Talon’s cone, as she shoots out a wave of arrows that will always land a critical shot and her E lets her shoot an arrow to see a specific area of the map, which can be perfect for scouting on enemy junglers or roaming laners.

    Let’s not also forget her ultimate, which is a global arrow that stuns and the duration of that stun is based off distance the arrow traveled, which can create some sick plays, even when Ashe is on the other side of the map. The important thing to note is, that with most ADC’s, she does not have any mobility, so it is key to learn where she needs to be when a team fight goes down. Other then that, take the time to learn her and you’ll be one with the Freljord.


    When Yuumi first arrived on the live servers, she quickly became a meme because of how easy some people believed her to be. The Magical Cat introduced a new mechanic: She can attach to friendly champions and move around the map completely hands-free. While attached to an ally, players can heal with a simple tap of the E key. Her Q changes from a skillshot to an attack that follows the user’s mouse, while her E is a directional hit based on its cast. The most difficult aspect of learning Yuumi is knowing when to dash between allies, which really only depends on who needs healing or when the player wants to cast their ultimate.


    Caitlyn has an incredibly long range that allows her to deal damage from afar, making her a safe ADC for new players. In addition to her long-range, she has an escape tool with her 90 Caliber Net which will help her escape sticky situations and get out of bad trades.

    We've gone ahead and discussed some easy to learn champions that will help you master or improve at some of the basic in-game concepts. We hope you enjoyed this guide to the best legue of legends champions for beginners. Did you find a League of Legends champion that fits your play style or want buy League Accounts , click