How to Get GST filing in BTM

  • Goods Service Tax Filing Registrations


    GST Filing in BTM consultants provide services of registration entire Bangalore, Consultry is the most prevalent and popular type of corporate lawful organization in Bangalore The registration under the Goods Service Tax can be obtained by a taxable person by following the identified procedures. It must be acknowledged that as there are different types of taxable persons defined under Goods Service Tax, therefore, there are different sets of registration procedures applicable to different taxable persons. Goods and Services Tax regulations bring new reporting requirements into play. Under the new rules, all registered businesses have to submit Goods Service Tax returns. But the exact necessity vary based on the volume of business you do, the construction of your business, and a few other factors.


    If Wish To Register Your Business?

    As a normal rule of thumb, if you’re a sole proprietor, you don’t need to register your business, but if your business is a partnership firm, a limited liability partnership, or a private or public company, you normally need to register. That said, general business registration is different from Good Service Tax registration. As of July 2017, if your annual turnover exceeds ₹ Twenty lakh, you need to have a Goods Service Tax registration, regardless of your business structure. In the northeastern states, the threshold is ₹ Ten lakh.




    Who is required to file Goods Service Tax REG-01?

    In general, the normal taxpayer can apply for registration by filing Form Goods Service Tax REG-01 while there are other forms of registration for other classes of persons. Form Goods Service Tax REG-01 is applicable to the normal taxpayer other than:

    1.Non-Resident taxable person

    2.A person necessary to deduct TDS under section 51

    3.A person essential to collect TCS under section 52

    4.A person contributes online particular and database access or retrieval (OIDAR) services from a place outside India to a non-taxable online recipient

    A normal taxpayer is a residual classification where such taxable persons shall not fall any of the identify taxpayer categories in Goods Service Tax. It is valuable to note that E-commerce may require to register as a Normal citizen as well as Tax Collector [TCS] if require to collect TCS.        


    Goods Service Tax Registration Procedure:

    To apply for a new Goods Service Tax registration, the applicant has to file Form GST REG-01 in two parts – Part A and Part B.

    Reference Number (TRN) shall be produced. It is a unique 15-digit reference number require to proceed further to fill the Part B of GST REG-01. It is valid for 15 days from the date of creation.

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