Instructions on how to acquire the White Mask of Varre in Elden

  • The White Mask in Elden Ring is one of the best helms in the game. Here is where you can find one – and how you can use it to create a build that is far more powerful than anything else in the game.


    The Surgeon's Mask, also known as the White Mask of Varre, has rapidly risen in popularity to become one of the most coveted helm items in the entirety of Elden Ring. Not only does the mask give the impression that your character is a heartless killer, but it also speeds up the accumulation of blood loss, making it an essential cheap Elden Ring runes for anyone who intends to create a bleed build.

    However, the process of unlocking the White Mask in the game is not a straightforward one. Despite the fact that the best way to get Elden Ring runes is considered to be an endgame piece, it is possible to acquire it at an earlier stage of the game if you follow the instructions given below. You will come across Varre right at the beginning of the game; however, you should avoid killing him and instead follow his quest in order to acquire the White Mask.

    Follow Varre's questline

    As soon as you leave the beginning area and enter the Lands Between, Varre will be there to greet you. When you find him, he will be perched on a ridge that provides a view of the Tree Sentinel. He will advise you to travel to Stormveil Castle and eliminate Godrick there. Take his advice, but remember to come back here after Godrick has been killed so that you can read a message that Varre has left for you.

    You will run into this creepy character again at the Rose Church in Liurnia, and he will provide you with some additional information regarding his cause as well as his demigod Master. He will hand you three Festering Fingers and encourage you to invade three other players' games in order to eliminate them. Since this is a high-traffic area for player versus player combat, it should not be difficult to find a match. The good news is that you do not need to win; all you have to do is finish invading.

    After you have successfully dueled three other players to the point of death, Varre will ask you to moisten a rag with the blood of a Finger Maiden. You can obtain this buy Elden Ring runes by visiting either the Chapel of Anticipation or the Church of Inhibition in North Liurnia. Alternatively, you can just kill Irina if she hasn't already passed away.

    After you have entered Mogwyn Palace early, Varre will give you the Pureblood Knights Medal and invite you to join the Mogwyn Dynasty to serve Mohg, The Lord of Blood. If you accept his invitation, he will then give you the medal.

    This can be used at any time to warp to Mohg's lair, and that is the location where the White Mask is kept.

    Varre will advise you not to use it just yet and to wait for Mohg's summons, but since this will never happen, you should use it whenever you are ready to infiltrate Mohg's lair and search for the mask.

    It is possible to bypass this quest and gain access to the Mogwyn Palace by traveling through a portal in the Consecrated Snowfield; however, this does not happen until a very late stage in the game. If you follow Varre's quest, you will be able to locate the White Mask a significant amount sooner.


    Uncovering the Mystery Behind Varre's White Mask


    • If you decide to make use of the Pureblood Knights Medal and warp to the Mogwyn Palace after Varre has given it to you, he will view this as a betrayal on your part and remove the medal from your possession

    • Caution is advised because the Mogwyn Palace and its surrounding area represent a challenging portion of the game

    • Therefore, you will be very underleveled if you are still exploring Liunia; therefore, you should proceed with caution

    The good news is that you do not have to engage in combat with or kill Mohg or Varre in order to acquire the White Mask; however, this is something that we strongly recommend you do as soon as you are able to bring both of these characters to their knees. Mohg's lair is located at the very top of Mogwyn Palace, and the entrance to Varre can be found at the very bottom of the stairs leading there.

    Exploring the area around the lake of blood until you are confronted by one of the Bloody Surgeons is required in order to obtain the White Mask. These invaders are not particularly difficult to take on one-on-one, and each one has a chance to leave behind a White Mask as well as other components of the Surgeon's set.

    Kill them one at a time to avoid taking unnecessary damage, and continue to farm them until one of them drops a White Mask. It's possible that you'll need to head back to the Site of Grace in order to trigger their respawn. After that, you can retrieve the cheap Elden Ring items  and continue on with the primary quest, putting Mohg and Varre off until a later time.

    Using Varre's White Mask as an Example

    The White Mask of Varre is required for anyone who wants to create a still ridiculously overpowered bleed build in Elden Ring. This is a lightweight mask that provides moderate protection against damage; however, its primary benefit is that it increases bleed damage in the surrounding area by 10% for a period of 20 seconds.

    It will then continue to do so, effectively making the 10% bleed damage boost permanent if you are using a build that causes hemorrhage every few attacks. This is the case if you are using a build that causes hemorrhage. When you combine this with some weapons that cause bleed build-up and the Lord of Blood's Exaltation Talisman (which increases bleed damage by 20%), you have a build that is capable of dealing a significant amount of additional damage to your opponent whenever you cause them to bleed.

    Weapons should bleed to death.

    Those who are constructing a build based on Dexterity and Arcane have a high demand for the White Mask because of this reason. You are able to deal significant damage to foes by making use of katanas such as Rivers of Blood and a bleed-infused Uchigatana, in addition to some bleed-focused Ashes of War; additionally, the White Mask of Varre enables you to increase this damage even further.

    Keep in mind, however, that in order for the White Mask to perform its function, you will need to be using a bleed build as well as some of the items listed above. This is due to the fact that their effects stack, making you an even greater threat.

    The White Mask of Varre can be found in Elden Ring using the instructions that have just been provided. There are a lot of challenging obstacles to overcome in Elden Ring, and if you're looking for more ways to do so, we have plenty of other guides that can assist you. You can access them by either clicking on this link or on the individual links that are provided below.