OSRS F2P Money Making

  • Old School RuneScape has 2 game types. It is available for free (F2P) along with Pay-to-Play (P2P). When compared to Pay-to-Play F2P, F2P comes with some limitations , and a number of aspects are locked. However, there are a lot of ways to earn osrs gp which will significantly change the user experience of OSRS.


    buy rs3 gold is extremely important when playing Old School RuneScape. Not only is it required for quests or purchasing new gear and armor as well, you can use it to purchase almost everything in the game. OSRS has a marketplace known as The Grand Exchange where you can purchase and sell almost all items in the game except for a handful of rare items. This Grand Exchange is located west of Varrock and utilizes OSRS gold to pay for its transactions.


    One thing to note is that if you are an ironman, you'll be banned in the Grand Exchange and Trading.


    There are many ways to earn money from OSRS through a variety of ways. You can make money through fighting, by gathering resources or utilize your crafting and smithing skills to create. In addition, you also find items on the ground which you can collect.


    Combat: One of the most well-known ways to earn money is to make use of your skills in combat. The skills predominantly used are Attack, Defense, Strength, Hitpoints, Prayer and Magic. One great example is using these abilities to kill cows and use cowhides to gain gold.


    Resource Gathering: Resource gathering techniques include fishing, Woodcutting and Mining. It is possible to mine iron and cut logs of oak to sell them to buyers for OSRS gold. Combat can be beneficial during the later phases during the gameplay, Resource gathering is one of the most profitable options if you are a beginner


    Production: As I mentioned previously it is possible to use your the skills of crafting to turn Gold bars you purchase from GE to Gold bracelets, which you can then sell for profit.


    Items Spawned on Ground: Certain items spawn on the ground at one location and after a fixed interval. You can collect them to purchase upgrades.


    Money Making Free 2 Play Methods:

    Killing cows:

    Cows are located in various areas throughout Lumbridge. They are especially found abundantly in the north of Lumbridge and also on the east side of the river. To obtain their cowhides you will need to purchase an iron scimitar as well as steel armor through the Grand exchange. You must have 15 points in your Defence, Attack and Strength to be able to take out them. A very high demand item and each cowhide could be traded for 150 OSRS gold. Also, since you could use them as a training tool to increase your skills, it's an all-win situation.


    A thing to remember is that if you're just beginning, you won't be able to kill anything very lucratively as your combat level is low. As you progress in the game, the level of your combat goes up and you are able to make much more money.


    Tanning Cowhides

    You can buy some cowhide at the Grand Exchange and get them dyed so that they can be sold to make money. To get cows tanned, you need to have 7 quest points or playtime of 24 hours, in along with some gold coins


    It is possible to use Al Kharid Tannery located near the bank in the north west. You can pay 1 gold coin to turn the leather into soft, or 3 for them to be turned into hard-leather.


    Mining Iron ore

    Iron ore mining is one the most lucrative ways to earn money as it also gives you a great deal of experience points per hour, in addition to gold. All you require is Level 15 mining equipment and the pickaxe to begin. Mining is very straightforward you just need to use the Pickaxe to click the ores. The two mines that have the highest concentration of the iron ore field are South East Varrock mine as well as South West Varrock mine.


    Your performance is based on your mining level as well as the quality of your pickaxe. The mining level you have increases as time passes and once you reach Level 41, you will be able to get the rune Pickaxe that is the most effective one available in F2P. Another thing to bear to keep in mind as your mining levels increase iron ore is less profitable, and it is recommended to look at mining Gold and Runite.


    Crafting Gold Amulets


    The crafting of gold amulets requires the level 8 of Crafting. You can buy gold bars as well as amulet molds at the Grand Exchange and go to the furnace in edgeville. Gold amulets are extremely popular among players wanting to level up their magic using its alchemy properties and consequently is always in demand.


    Picking up Ashes

    Grand exchanges always have remains of ashes that people have left behind when they finish their Firemaking class. You can collect them and use them to get gold.


    Catching Lobsters

    To catch lobsters, you require an experience level of 40 in fishing. It is necessary to have a lobster pot as well as some OSRS gold to capture lobsters. These are available in Musa Point located at the Northeastern portion of Karamja. When you have your lobsters then you can teleport towards Falador (Level 36 Magic Required) and deposit the lobsters there. Another faster, but less profitable option is to return to Port Sarim by boat and deposit the lobsters in an account in the deposit box.


    Cutting Oak logs

    The oak trees are located close to banks, which makes an ideal and effective ways of earning money. It's possible to start as early as you get to the level 15 Woodcutting. A great location to cut down oak trees is right next to Draynor Village bank. Although still profitable with even an axe made from steel, it is recommended to purchase the most powerful quality axe.


    Killing Dark Wizard


    Just as you go one step south from the point the place where you have cut Oak trees, you can discover Dark Wizards in Draynor Village.


    Dark Wizards drop runes including Nature Rune and Black Robes. In addition to getting gold, you can improve your range skill by using this method. You can begin at 20 levels and progress all the way to 30. It is recommended to purchase an Amulet of strength as well as an Amulet for power at the Grand Exchange and also carry the top level of shortbow.


    Telegrabing Wines of Zamorak


    It is necessary to have a Zamorak monk top as well as and a Zamorak monk bottom, Law runes and Staff of air to complete this. Take a northerly direction from Falador to enter Chaos Temple. Chaos Temple.


    The tower is divided into two levels and you need to be at a minimum level of 500 to be able to reach the top level. Once you reach the top level you will only require levels 33 to use the spell of Telekinetic grab. The lower level is guarded and the Monk will strike you every when that you use the spell. It is recommended to cast the Telekinetic Grab spell near the entry point of the temple, and swiftly go onto the top floor to cast the spell again on the wine of Zamorak on the table. Repeat this process until you have a full inventory before casting the Falador teleport (level 37 magic is required) to deposit your items into the bank.


    Collecting Anti-dragon shield

    You must finish all quests, including those in the Dragon Slayer quest to collect the Anti-dragon Shield. Go to Oziach's headquarters in Edgeville to collect all the Anti-dragon Shields. Once you've got them you can deposit them into the bank.


    Filling up a bucket of water

    You'll only need buckets that you can purchase from any store that sells general merchandise in the game or at Grand Exchange. You'll need to go to the PVP world located in Lumbridge castle. There you will have the nearest bank near the fountain.


    Collecting Nature Runes

    Follow the path indicated on the map to get to the nature runes. You must take a Staff of Air and Law runes for this area. When you arrive, click the icon for spell books and select telekinetic grab spell, then choose nature runes to use the spell. It's a good idea to walk rather than run to save energy since this is a PVP zone , and is located in the deep Wilderness.


    Ogress Warriors

    In addition to earning coins, you also have the ability to increase you combat level by combating ogress warriors. The first step is to start The Corsair Curse quest. Ogres can be found in the dungeon in the Corsair Cove forest. To get to Corsair cove, you should take a trip to Rimmington to take the ship situated West of the POH Portal. When you reach Corsair cove, take off the vessel and walk towards the west until you get to the Dungeon.


    Alongside ogres warriors, be sure to watch out for Ogres Shamans. There are plenty of safe spots inside the dungeon. Check them out below.


    While being in the secure zone, employ ranged and magic attack against ogres warriors. They drop a lot of runes and rune-related items. You can collect them in exchange for OSRS gold.


    Cooking Raw Tunas

    You can collect tunas on the Al-Kharid Bank. After you've collected the tunas, head to the range at Al-Kharid close by. Select the range, to ask you how many tunas you need to cook? Select "all" and every tuna in your collection get cooked. You can then go back to the bank for more tunas.


    It is recommended to have a cooking level of 63 and above because you can cook the tunas to a crisp if you don't have a lot of cooking experience.


    Shop Selling

    In OSRS you can purchase bulk items and sell them for a profit in any of the specialty stores. The most important thing to remember when buying items is to select items that have less than the value of high alch.


    Making Pizzas

    Pizzas can take longer to cook than traditional cooking, but are also the most profitable. You can make pizzas using a pot of flour and the bucket of water with tomato and cheese to make a pizza that is not cooked. You can also add meat or anchovy in order to increase the profit. It is a good idea to begin making pizzas as soon as you have reached the cooking stage of 68 as this significantly reduces your chances of burning the pizza.


    Smithing Rune Plateskirt/Rune Platelegs/Rune Swords

    It is one of the most demanding money-making methods and the profits are among the most lucrative. You will require the level 99 Smithing as well as an enormous amount of OSRS gold in order to begin.


    Cutting Yew Trees

    Yew trees are among the most valuable logs to be found in free 2 Play mode. There are two great locations to cut Yew Trees. The first is in the back of Varrock castle. The second one is located in a demolished building located in Edgeville. You need a woodcutting level 60 to begin, but 90 can earn you more profit.

    When you arrive at the yew tree You can simply click upon the tree. If the inventory is empty, visit the banks and return.


    Mining Runite Ore

    Runite ore is found at the Lava Maze as shown below.


    You must have a mining level of 85 to unlock Runite Ore. In order to mine the material, use Rune Pickaxe. Once your inventory is fully stocked and you are ready to go, start at level 20 wilderness and then teleport into a safe zone.


    Mining Adamant

    Adamant can be mined up to level 70. There are two locations where you can mine Adamant. The first is near the Draynor Village bank at the Lumbridge swap south-west mine, and the other is the Al-Kharid mine, which is located near Al-Kharid Bank.



    To kill the boss named Obor the first step is to kill a regular Hill giant to get the Giant key. Obor employs melee and Ranged attacks and it is best to equip yourself with food and a strength potion prior to fighting him. Obor drops a variety of high-value runes as well as Obor's Hill Giant Club which can be exchanged for OSRS gold.


    Making Iron Bars

    At the point you are at level 15 of smithing and smithing skills, Smelting Iron Ore becomes not locked. You then have the option of going to an iron furnace and use the Ring of Forging on it to get an iron bar. The furnace located closest to a bank's location is the Edgeville Furnace.


    Making Silver Bars

    At level 20 smithing at level 20, you can create silver bars that you could trade in exchange for OSRS gold.


    Sapphire Rings

    Sapphire Ring is the most lucrative jewelry item in OSRS which you could make the rings with your own skills at crafting.


    Emerald Rings

    You can get Emerald Rings at level 27 Crafting. These can be exchanged to purchase OSRS gold.