How long can Madden 22 play for free?

  • To celebrate the start of the 2021-22 NFL season, Madden NFL 22 will be available for free for PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia and PC users this weekend. The latest entry in the long-running American football series only released on August 20, so for fans who have not yet purchased it, this is an early opportunity to try the game. If the players have a pleasant experience, they may buy the game, and even buy MUT Coins Madden 22 in the game.

    This is not the first time the game has offered a trial period, because the 10-hour early access trial of Madden 22 was available before they fully released the game. However, in order to get the latest free trial version, players need to go to the platforms to download Madden NFL 22. In the free version, players can enjoy the game, and even go to buy Madden 22 Coins to enhance the fun of the game.

    But Madden NFL 22 is only free for a limited time. According to the official EA Sports website, they will play Madden NFL 22 for free starting on Thursday, September 9, 2021. This means the ultimate kick-off in the game and the beginning of the NFL 21-22 season, first, the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, Madden 22 is only free on Sunday, September 12. This does not prevent players who have already purchased the game to buy MUT Coins.

    For EA Sports, this is a wise marketing plan, because a free trial of the game may attract more people to buy Madden 22 after the weekend. Currently, this is the only time that Madden NFL 22 has announced that it will be free. However, games usually hold free weekends around special events and times, so another free weekend may appear in the future. Players can take this opportunity to experience Madden 22 and decide whether to buy the game and buy MUT Coins Madden 22. At the same time, for those who have not bought the game, this weekend is a good time to try it out without paying for it.