New players need to try every weapon in New World

  • New World, as a popular game at the moment, has attracted many new players. For new players, the wide variety of items and operations in the game becomes very difficult for them to get started. So should new players try every weapon in the game?

    It is good for every player to have the main or preferred weapon, but this will greatly reduce the flexibility of the players to use the weapon. Even if you don't plan to use them to cause huge damage, weapons like the Great Axe, Hatchet and Fire Staff can provide players with New World Coins very good support effects through their mobility skills.

    If you have preferred or stronger weapons, you can use them to upgrade lower-level weapons faster. If you have a weapon you want to upgrade, you can use it to mark the enemy, and then complete it by switching to your main weapon. XP will be distributed among your weapons, making lower-level weapons easier to upgrade.

    If you are more keen to participate in PVP, then the melee weapons and the long-range weapons you choose need your constant attention. In addition, there are also good matching effects between weapons, such as the Rapier and Ice Gauntlet, the Rapier can benefit not only from Intelligence but also from Dexterity. And the Ice Gauntlet can get benefits through the attributes of Buy New World Coins the Rapier Will, can cause the Slows and Freeze statuses, and can provide players with higher burst damage.

    So for novice players, you need to try every weapon in New World, because those weapons not only have their own attributes, but also benefit each other when they are matched with each other. Of course, the benefit of these weapons is inseparable from their level, so you need New World Coins to upgrade them. Players can not only get New World Coins in the game, but also buy them quickly through the website. NewWorldCoins is a professional selling New World Coins and is loved by the majority of New World. If you are short of New World Coins, you can try it!