New World's game loop mode will cause a lot of loss of players

  • In a recent report, only 8% of New World players have reached the upper limit of the game level. Although these figures do not mean that New World has serious problems, it can be shown from the side that New World has already lost players and has lost quite a lot of active players up to now. So why does it cause this phenomenon?

    New World is generally called MMO by people, but in New World Coins fact it is not only an MMO, but also a survival game. As a result, many New World players need to spend twice as much time playing this game, half the time to participate in typical MMO activities and the other half to collect resources, make production and just try to stay alive.

    Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, because survival games have a special game loop, players need to constantly accept hardships in survival games. In good circumstances, you can learn to like to play with others. In fact, in my opinion, compared to typical MMO fans, New World is more able to attract more survival game fans. From another aspect, because the game has MMO elements, it will also drive away those who don't like this type of MMO fans. This will be a very special experience.

    New World is very bold to combine these two New World Coins Buy slower game styles, which is very creative, but it will also slow down the game progress again. Therefore, players keep repeating the whole thing in the game and even have no return, which leads to the journey becomes very boring and choose to leave.

    But in fact, as an MMO type game, it is still very popular nowadays. Players team up with each other to fight and upgrade continuously, which can bring a different experience. Therefore, New World Coins has become very important among them. If you want to improve the strength of your character and equipment, you can't do without New World Coins. As the largest supplier of New World Coins online, NewWorldCoins can fully meet the needs of every player, and the price is affordable, it is worth your visit!