Introduction to Custom Tactics of 4-4-2 in FIFA 22

  • The players you have and the way you want to play on the court will largely determine the best formation for FUT in FIFA 22. And a good FUT formation will determine the direction of victory in a game. Today is to explain Custom Tactics on 4-4-2.

    The traditional 4-4-2 allows players to use custom tactics to set it as offense or defense, so it is highly adaptable. But if you choose the 4-4-2 Holding, then your goal FUT 22 Coins may be to stay tight behind. Although you are very safe on the defensive end, it may be very laborious to pass the ball on the court while in possession, so here I recommend to you to use the long pass as your combination play, it is very useful .

    If you have two strikers and still not have enough early choices, then you can instruct your LM and RM players to cut into the inside under the condition of losing width, so in order to offset it you need to instruct your LB Overlap with RB. What you need to pay attention to here is that this will expose you to a wide area. If you unfortunately encounter an opponent with a fast winger, then you will suffer. So choose you to instruct your full-backs to maintain their positions during the attack and try to FIFA Coins rely on the natural width provided by your midfielders. This will be very helpful for you:

        Defensive Style: Balanced
        Width: 50
        Depth: 50

        Build Up Play: Long Ball
        Chance Creation: Balanced
        Width: 55
        Players in Box: 5
        Corners: 2
        Free Kicks: 2

    I have to say that the rational use of formation is the first step towards victory. But in most cases, players cannot win by using formations without good players. But to get good players requires players to spend a lot of FIFA 22 Coins. Of course, if you find that your FIFA 22 Coins are insufficient on the way to get the player card, then you can go to UTnice to buy it. Because there are a lot of discount FIFA 22 Coins waiting for you!