Genshin Impact Anniversary Event Rewards received strong compla

  • MiHoYo's refusal to provide meaningful rewards for the Genshin Impact anniversary event has met with strong opposition from players. In this anniversary event, although there will be a lot of competitions and activities, the rewards they provide are really minimal, some of which are even linked to Buy Genshin Account the chance of a gashapon, such as 100,000 Mora and 10% Blessing of the Welkin Moon And a large number of primogems in the course of a month, only 90% of players can get it.

    For every player, they don't just want these. Although Genshin Impact's income is considerable, miHoYo is still very stingy. Generally speaking, in the first anniversary events such as gashapon games, because they can make money in other places, they often provide very rich free rewards, so that players can enjoy the game. But Genshin did not go in this direction, so every social post on the Internet now talks about the lack of this anniversary reward.

    And the most discussed thing is about making changes to some free heroes, that is, the free five-star character. There is one change in the discussion that is very meaningful: players should be provided with a free five-star "base", at least so that they can find them in the regular pool outside of the professional banner.

    In addition, Genshin Impact does not see Genshin Impact Accounts the danger of falling spending, and the game will only continue to grow and increase their income in the future. Bringing some benefits to players is often very beneficial, but miHoYo chose a wrong path in the anniversary rewards.

    It is not easy to get a powerful five-star character in Genshin Impact. It requires you to spend a lot of money by recharging in the game. And those free five-stars are not particularly powerful in the game. So if you have a powerful five-star character you want, then I recommend you go to MMOWTS, where Genshin Impact Accounts are sold, there will be a variety of five-star characters you want, and the cost is much lower than the recharge in the game.