The Trapper Tree has effective trap skills in New World

  • There are various skill trees in New World, and the advantages and disadvantages of each skill tree and how to use them are different. Today, I will introduce you to the gameplay and functions of Trapper Tree.

    The Trapper Tree pays great attention to some practical skills. Especially for those passives that can provide additional damage and utility, and can easily hit targets with New World Coins debuff effects, this tree is very suitable. Among them, Stopping Power, Traps and Sticky Bomb are the three skills of the Trapper Tree.

    As the name of this tree indicates, Traps is the biggest highlight of this tree. You can place or (or throw after the upgrade) a trap that can freeze any enemy that touches it. Stopping Power is a skill option that can be used in PvP. It can provide a small damage bonus, a short knockback, and a Stagger to the loaded shot. Sticky Bomb can throw a sticky bomb that can stick to the player or the surface, and then detonate after 3 seconds, while causing high damage to enemies within 3m.

    They may be tricky to use in PvP, but Root can impose Rend on trapped enemies. Although it is easier to introduce enemies in PvE, there are better skills that can be used in PvE. If you upgrade Stopping Power, you will get two new effects, Exhaust and Slow, which make it easier for you to kite Cheap New World Coins others. Sticky Bomb is a high-damage option, but its range has become its biggest shortcoming, so it can only hit better when the enemy is decelerating or holding its body.

    Lethal Combo is the Ultimate of the Trapper Tree. It can deal an additional 20% damage to targets with Trapper Tree status effects. In other words, in addition to the slowdown of Sticky Bombs or Stopping Power and the Rend on Traps, you can also add Empower to these statues.

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