Two limited cards join the FIFA 22 Numbers up promotion

  • FIFA 22 Numbers up will launch a huge promotion on November 12th. The initial data of the big players belonging to Adidas will have a huge improvement. In addition, there will be two additional number upgrades throughout the football game. One was at the end of December, and another upgrade will happen later in 2022.

    In addition to the 11 cards initially released in packaging, there will FUT 22 Coins also be two limited FIFA 22 Numbers up cards.

    You can get Madrid winger Marco Asensio by completing the FIFA 22 Numbersup SBC set before Friday, November 19th. He is the wearer of the Predator, so its card has a dribble rating of 91. In addition, OVR is slightly increased to 85 based on the original 83 rating. As of Monday, November 15, the cost of completing the SBC is approximately 45,000 gold coins.

    Another wide player Tottenham and Netherlands midfielder Steven Bergwijn became the owner of the second exclusive card. He is a product of Adidas X, so his pace Buy FIFA 22 Coins level has risen from 92 to 99 throughout the season. In addition, his initial OVR value is 84.

    In the FUT Friendly: Numbers Up game type, you need to complete four in-game goals to unlock Bergwijn. For example, you need to use players with a rated speed of over 82 to score points in five separate games. The event deadline for this limited card is until Friday, November 19.

    The addition of two limited FIFA 22 Numbers up cards brought this promotion to a small climax. Whether you buy 11 initial FIFA 22 Numbers up cards directly or obtain limited FIFA 22 Numbers up cards by completing tasks, you need a certain amount of FIFA 22 Coins as the cost of the game. Once your inventory is insufficient, you can easily lose this huge benefit. Therefore, buying a large amount of FIFA 22 Coins from the website is something that players urgently need to do now. And because of this event, UTnice also opened various preferential activities for the sale of FIFA 22 Coins, which is another huge benefit for players who need a large amount of FIFA 22 Coins. So go take a look!