How to use Offensive Tactics' Custom Tactic to create opportuni

  • When using Offensive Tactics’ Custom Tactic, players must learn to use Custom Tactic according to the actual situation, which can create opportunities for players to win. Let’s see under what circumstances Custom Tactic can help players create opportunities.

    Balanced: Your teammates will maintain their position when attacking a three-pointer. If you want to make them penetrating behind, you can use L1 to trigger them, or FUT 22 Coins they will do so when they think it’s time. .

    Possession: If you are a ball-handling player, choosing Slow Build Up would be a very good choice, so that your teammates will not run back through the defense, but appear short and look for the ball.

    Forward Runs: Your teammates will go to the rear to try to break through the defense, but its drawback is that you will be caught and lose possession of the ball during your assembly.

    Direct Passing: Your teammates will not just stay behind, but will try to pull the defense out of position by running into the space area and looking for the ball. This method is very effective when you have a fast-paced team with drag defenders.

    Width: Refers to the distribution or compactness of Buy FUT 22 Coins your players when you control the ball. If you want to be very compact and play from the middle, you can move it down; if you want to expand the playback, then you need to move it up.

    In FIFA 22, a strong team will have high-level players, suitable formation and Custom Tactic used according to the actual situation. Among them, players need to spend FIFA 22 Coins to obtain them, and the higher the level of players, the more FIFA 22 Coins they need. If you want to get a lot of FIFA 22 Coins quickly, you can choose to buy it at UTnice, where the price is very favorable, and some free FIFA 22 Coins will be given away according to the number of players purchased.