What Are The Advantages Of Stenter

  • With the development of the times, the application of the screen printing machine has also been recognized by everyone. After the slow cost and price increase of the previous manual printing, Stenter started printing, and the printing range became wider and wider. The screen printing machine glass, acrylic, clothing, markings, Toys, electrical appliances, fabrics, except for air and water that cannot be printed, are all printable. So what are the advantages of semi-automatic screen printing machines? Take a look!

    1. The main electrical components of the machine are imported, such as: Mitsubishi or Fuji PLC (programmable) and Omron sensor photoelectric switch control, the function is stable and reliable;

      2. Choose the I-shaped fine linear guide made in Japan (THK), which has high guiding accuracy, stable movement and low noise;

      3. The pneumatic components used are from Japan, Germany, the United States, etc., with reliable quality and function;
      4. All control buttons come from Japan, South Korea and Europe, with control sensitivity, high failure rate and low failure rate;
      5. Imported stainless steel plates and aluminum alloys are used in the printing channel, the flatness is less than 0.05mm, and the surface is polished to prevent the printed product from being scratched;
      6. The printing suction vacuum machine selects Sino-foreign joint venture brand-name products, which has a large adsorption density, so as to ensure that the substrate will not move during the printing process;
      7. The distance between the printing knife and the printing platen of this machine is large, which is suitable for printing thicker objects;
      8. The printing knife and the ink-returning knife adopt a pneumatic and active pressure balance compensation system, so that the pressure of printing and ink-returning can be actively adjusted during the printing process to ensure fine printing accuracy;
      9. Fully enclosed type is used to ensure that the whole is beautiful and dustproof;
      10. The machine is equipped with a working table to adjust along the X and Y directions;
      11. All printer heads of this machine use mechanical scrolling to ensure accurate and stable positioning during the printing process. 12) Most parts of this machine come from world-renowned companies, with stable and reliable product functions, and simple operation and repair;
      Flat Screen Printing Machine can also be used for fine circuit, advertising printing, glass printing, partial UV of paper products, marking text printing and trademark printing.