New World will add more expeditions and mutations

  • In a recent interview, developer Amazon Game Studios revealed that New World Mutation and Expedition will be expanded. First, it looks like New World will be getting more New World Gold. These affect special enemies in the expedition and give them unique traits to increase the complexity and difficulty of the battle.

    In an interview with PCGamesN, Mike Willette, Head of World Experience, said: "There are tons of different MMOs, roguelikes, and action-adventure games that inspired our first steps in developing Mutators. We developed layers through the many quests, family types, and abilities available in the game. Layer challenges. Everyone needs to be handled differently, requires better gear and teamwork, and gives the most New World Gold.

    Mutants are just the beginning of the New World. Players will experiment with different play styles, gear, and team compositions to gain new resources and gear to power up. Mike Willette also said that mutation and expeditions have been well embraced by the community, with some groups coordinating to destroy bosses so quickly. Therefore, players still maintain a positive attitude towards the newly added content of New World.

    However, the mode also has some bugs that the developers are working on fixing. These include bosses with certain mutant combos that turn out to be much more difficult than expected. Negative points can be earned through poor performance, intentional or accidental, and can sometimes unlock greater difficulties. Therefore, New World Gold is still an item that players must collect in the game. Finally, players can buy New World Gold at IGGM. 

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