Final Fantasy XIV 6.05 brings new armor sets

  • Square Enix shared the Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.05, which revealed the new armor set that appeared through the update. In addition, players can also use FFXIV Gil to obtain new cosmetic sets. With the update, players can now exchange Pandaemonium Savage and Tomestone for another set of armor.

    In order to obtain armor sets from the Pandaemonium Savage raid, players need to complete them. After completing the raid, the player will get a safe. This will drop the equipment of the corresponding class level equipped when the player opens the safe. Players can also obtain weapons by running Pandaemonium Savage Raid. However, the armory will only drop after completing the fourth round of Barbarian. Players need to complete the normal version of Pandaemonium Raid to access the Savage version.

    Through the 6.05 update, a new type of Tomestone has also been added to Final Fantasy XIV. Players can now obtain Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy. However, only 450 Allagaon Tomestones of Astronomy can be obtained every week, and a total of 2,000 can be held at any time. Players can obtain these FFXIV Gil after completing the Endwalker main scene mission and reaching level 90 of the war disciple or magic class.

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    Hanks Hanks Brings new armor sets likely refers to an update in a video game or other virtual world where new armor sets have been added. These armor sets may be available to players through a variety of means, such as completing quests, purchasing with in-game...  more
    March 18, 2023