Final Fantasy XIV fans are breaking down the Eorzea Academy com

  • There is now an official manga featuring Final Fantasy XIV characters as anime high school students. As promised, it coincides with Christmas, but if players are not fluent in Japanese, it may be difficult for them to read it. Fortunately, some fans have broken the plot, so native English speakers can enjoy it.

    This comic takes Alisae and Alphinaud as the main FFXIV Gil, and is subdivided in Aitai Kimochi's commentary blog. They lived in a shared house (naturally called The Rising Stones) with Y’shtola, Thancred, and Urianger in their first grade. The first chapter makes the twins late for school, and naturally, typical high school comic pranks follow.

    Zenos is a popular kid with a sneer, next to Asahi and Yotsuyu. The suspense at the end of this chapter makes President Tataru suddenly appear, challenging the students of light and darkness to collect points and Final Fantasy XIV Gil in various school activities. As the players expected, this started at the Sports Festival.

    There is no news about whether this comic will be officially released in English, but it is certain that fans will continue to work on unofficial translations until it is released. The latest Final Fantasy XIV patch sadly ends the low-polygon rule, and it introduces the first raid of the latest MMORPG expansion and how players can quickly earn FFXIV Gil.