Tutorial on the Natural Way to Wear a Wig Suitable for Novices



    Today there will be a special guest mirage, just like there will be an incredible woman.



    For such a stunning woman, there have been a lot of interesting things taking place behind the scenes. By the way, you really ought to keep up with Instagram if you haven't already. Undoubtedly, but very soon, a new product will be introduced to the market. I just want to show you how to use wigs because the fake gives me a lot of confidence and I like to experiment with different hairstyles. She approves of everything I can possibly think of.



    Is that so, and is she lovely? The amount of Vera Toner that I used was three bottles. This is the color to buy the wig of the color you want if you are a beginner, because customization and coloring are a different matter, and this is a very difficult process. The wig styling caps I purchased look like this. This is the one that is physically closest. Since I use hair that is three days old, you can imagine how rough this is going to be.

    Your goal should be to achieve the smoothest, most flattened look possible with your natural hair. The thing that you have to do is pull all of my hair back into a low ponytail, which is basically the lowest possible ponytail that you can make, and then we will be able to see all the specifics. I will elaborate on the significance of this at a later time. To boil it down, you really want to keep your hair and sideburns.

    If the freezing spray does not bring the hair of some infants back to its natural state, you can simply restore it with some gel. If you decide to use the ponytail method instead of the braiding method, you won't be able to use the ball cap method. This is because once you cut a hole in the ball cap, your ponytail will fall down, and then I'll have to put on the second  buy hair cap so that we can wear wigs.

    This is a lace wig with a strap on the back and everything else, but typically I don't need it because my head is too big, so I don't need to tie anything. However, what you need to do is put it on from the back, making sure the clip is in the back, and the clip is right here, so all I need to do is clip it in. You want it to be practically flush with your hairline whenever at all possible. When I wear wigs, people's reactions are the same as yours. This is due to the fact that wigs now play a role in the selection process for wigs. My preferred option is the so-called front wig, which has the dimensions of 13 inches on the front and 6 inches on the back, making the total length of the virgin hair tutorial 13 inches. If you have a natural part in your hair, it will give the appearance that your hair is more natural.

    Because of this, I prefer the lace front, and another benefit is that you can get a cheaper closure. Another option is to put on a virgin hair guide that has a lace front.

    My skin tone requires that I select lace that is either completely transparent or of an extremely pale color. The majority of wigs that I've seen have a lace that's a medium brown color, but this does not work for everyone's skin tone. When you have it looking the way you want it, you should position it so that it is in front of the wig cap. It gives the impression that hair is growing out of your skin. Some people like to use razors. Another thing to keep in mind is that you want the lace itself to have a somewhat jagged appearance so that it is difficult to determine exactly where the dull line is. The lace is gorgeous in appearance.

    After that, I will make use of the lace glue that is manufactured by Priscilla's brand, lia luxe. If you have never worked with lace glue before, try to picture it as being similar to eyelash glue. Basically, I will just put a little bit of the lace glue on, which sounds a little bit terrifying. It is essentially the same, but with increased potency. I will show you later if you have fake hair temples if you have them.

    I will wait for it to dry so that your virgin hair bundles can have a more natural appearance because of this. You are of the opinion that any location could use a little bit of additional assistance.

    Therefore, once you have pasted the entirety of the lace, I will paste some more. Simply wrap it around the part in the hair, tie a knot here, and tie another knot in the back, and you're done! At a minimum, please wait ten minutes. Since it has been some time, please allow me to remove it from your sideburns at this time because it has become completely adhered to them. OK, this step is totally discretionary, but I want the root to look more natural, so what I'm going to do is use a matte eye shadow. I have the six kinds of Fendi beauty palette, and I just lightly dusted the roots with it. But there is one detail that makes it appear to be your long hair. Taking off your own makeup is typically a simple process. Therefore, you can use it whenever you want, whenever you feel like a root. After that, my go-to paint is one that is almost completely transparent. Now, all you need to do is use a concealer or eye shadow paint; it doesn't matter which one you choose, just make sure it is lighter than the color of your natural skin.

    Only a small amount is required. It is still possible to discern the location of the wig cap if you look very carefully. Due to the fact that the lace is not visible, all that is required of me is to simply place this point on your hair. If your hair isn't in perfect condition, just remember that this makes it look even more natural. Let me add a little more. You are going to need to make use of a wax stick. This is also the hair that Leia Lux has.

    This is also an excellent way to ensure that it will never be used on my actual hair. It works great for styling wigs, but I wouldn't recommend using it on your own hair—at least, I wouldn't. It's just not gentle enough. I'll set fire to myself if you notice any bumps or anything else of the sort.

    You can take a more in-depth look at it, or you can even use the reverse side of it to iron it more effectively. Because using a wax stick and a hot comb to style my wig really helps it to have a smooth appearance, I had thought that this would be the final step, but I changed my mind. The very last one is this one. It appeals to me very much.