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  • We would greatly appreciate it if you could put everything in a single large container so that game news sites can make your experience of viewing the Limgrave even more enjoyable for you. This will allow us to make the most of the space that gamer guides have available. Please remain here and view the content in its entirety as game news sites ask you to do so. The first location that you and I are going to investigate together will be the ruins that are located directly in front of the gate. This is because I am going to make the assumption that you have already lit the first batch of ruins. This is going to be the point from which we begin. You can see that I have taken this segment from two different maps that are relevant to the area and inserted it here. I did this so that you can compare the three maps.

    As a direct result of this, I went around and picked up the pieces of the facade that had been broken off and cleaned it up. Move onward to the region that can be found to the east at this time and unlock it. You need to go into this cellar for the next step, where you will find storm stomps, war ashes, and a grindstone knife as the most important item. They are the only things of significance that can be found in the camp that can be discovered, and they are the only things that can be found. If you want to continue with your progression, you will have to advance to the Roundtable tier first. This is a requirement. This is a necessary condition before moving on to the next step. Now talk to Kara. It's interesting to look at things, and I recommend that you grab a telescope because it's interesting to look at things. If you don't know what you're doing, I suggest that you grab a telescope because it's interesting to look at things. The other thing that I suggest you grab is a telescope because I think that looking at things through one would be interesting.

    Carla and Bryce had just started making their way along the mission line when it started winding its way in the direction of the ruins that I had previously marked on the map. I was surprised because we had just started making our way along the mission line. You should now send it back to Kara, and then ask him to tell him that he will mention that a wolf is sneaking around, and then he will give you a signal to go back to meet him. You should do all of this as soon as possible. You should get it back to Kara now that you have it in your possession. Now that you have it, you should send it back to Kara, and after that, you should ask him to tell Kara that he will mention that there is a wolf lurking around somewhere in the area. Now that you have it, you should send it back to Kara, and after that, you should ask him to tell Kara that he will mention that there is a If Bryce continues to move around, he is going to quickly lose his equilibrium and topple over within the next few seconds. If you are not confident in your skills, going downstairs will result in him waking up and attacking you. If you are confident in your abilities, you can ignore this warning. Permit me to show you what one of these Axe Smith stones looks like before you set out on your journey; there is a possibility that you will find one while you are traveling there. It is absolutely necessary for you to take additional precautions in order to protect yourself from falling into the hole. It has been decided that Yula will make another appearance at a later date. Move straight forward to the subsequent holding facility that has been designated. Examine it as soon as you get there, which is the first thing you need to do, and then you need to bring it inside after you've finished looking at it. After this, you will be transported back to your own world and given the opportunity to have a discussion with Bryce about the events that just transpired. In order to fulfill the requirement of taking the loot, the camp has to be overrun first. This is a prerequisite. You are not required to come down here at this time, despite the fact that there are quite a few mice in there. You are free to stay where you are.


    Within these ruins, there is yet another structure that can be discovered, and you can find it in the section that is the most south-southeasterly point of the area.


    1. If you are truly intent on killing him, you are free to go ahead and try to do so at this very moment

    2. There is nothing stopping you from doing so

    3. I am going to take you step-by-step through the process of liberating Yula so that you will be able to call upon her whenever you feel that you need her assistance in resolving this dispute with the boss

    4. You will find that it is less difficult to solicit her assistance as a result of this

    5. The process will now proceed to this stage after this stage has been completed

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    7. Law

    8. bet

    9. You are going to receive some information about the call sign that ought to be utilized for URAs within the following few moments

    10. The topic that gamer guides are going to go over will be brought up once more in the material that will be given to you a little bit later on in the conversation that will take place

    11. After this, the subsequent stage of our trip will involve us traveling across the remaining portion of the lake that we have yet to reach

    12. The first time I ever met you was in this canyon, which, according to the geographical coordinate system, is situated in the direction of the north-northeast of the lake