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    Virgin human hair lace frontal closure Company was the first company to introduce the cap wig to the market as a first step in the development of human China cheap price lace closure hairpieces online extensions. In response to a customer's comment on a promotional video for lace products that was shown on television, the idea for this video was conceived. Because of the high cost of lace wigs, they are out of reach for me. Because I lack the necessary skills to cut lace, I must pay an additional fee to a hairstylist to have it installed, which is an additional expense. Is it possible that you will introduce cap wigs in the near future? The company received positive feedback from Nancy, who is a Virgin Hair Company  customer. It didn't take long for the idea to catch on at the Virgin  Company's department, where it was put into action by donning a cap wig by the majority of the staff members. Immediately following this event, cap wigs, which were made of large elastic bands instead of lace, were introduced onto the wig market. Even though Virgin Hair Company has ramped up its marketing efforts for cap wigs in recent years, most of its customers have never heard of it