Brazilian Hair straightening treatment is a semi-permanent

  • The act of straightening your hair on a daily basis can become tedious and time-consuming after a while. You must choose between getting some extra shut-eye and spending 30 minutes on your hair and make that decision. Hair straightening in Brazil produces smooth and glossy tresses in a fraction of the time and effort required by other techniques.


    A Wholesale Brazilian Hair straightening treatment is a semi-permanent method of straightening hair that can be used on any hair type. Brazilian Blowout is referred to by a variety of names, including Breezilian straightening, Keratin Cure, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, and BKT (Brazilian Keratin Treatment). Whatever the hair type or texture, the process is effective on all types of hair, including extremely fine or brittle hair. Not to be concerned if you've recently colored your hair: the procedure is completely safe for colored hair and may even help the color last longer!

    This procedure cannot be completed without the application of keratin treatment. It not only helps to straighten and smooth out frizzy hair, but it also helps to seal the cuticle of each strand, which prevents further damage from occurring in the future. Formaldehyde, contrary to popular belief, is actually responsible for the straightening process in the first place. In order for hair straightening chemicals to be effective, the bonds between hair strands must first be separated, and then the bonds must be re-sealed in a straighter position. Leaving the solution on your hair for 20 minutes before blow-drying and styling it with a formaldehyde solution in sections is recommended for best results. The iron should be heated to 450 degrees Fahrenheit before use in order to produce the best results. Ultimately, the amount of time your stylist spends running your hair through the flat iron determines the final straightness of your hair.

    • Be aware that this method will not work if your hair is naturally very curly, as it will not cause your hair to air-dry poker straight as it would if your hair were straight

    • Blow-drying it, on the other hand, will take less time than it did in the previous step

    • Although the disadvantage is that you are no longer restricted to only having straight hair from this point forward, the advantage is that you can now wear your hair wavy or curly if you so choose



    On average, it takes 1.5 hours to straighten your hair, but the length, thickness, and amount of hair you have will all have an impact on how long it takes to complete the process in your particular situation. Because the stylist will need to shampoo the hair several times in order to remove any remaining product, it will take a reasonable amount of time. Afterwards, the GLISS® Ultimate Repair Anti-damage Mask should be applied to the hair from root to tip, followed by blow-drying and straightening the hair before rinsing it with shampoo for the second time.

    After receiving the treatment, you should avoid washing your hair too frequently, as this may cause it to become dry.

    In order to avoid having to redo your hair in the near future after spending several hours and several hundred dollars in the salon chair, you will most likely want to keep your new look as long as possible to avoid having to redo it anytime soon.

    If wholesale brazilian virgin hair straightening is done correctly, it is possible to expect your hair to remain sleek and frizz-free for up to three months after the procedure is completed. Contrary to popular belief, the effectiveness of this straightening treatment is not the same as that of smoothing treatments, which is a common misconception. As a result of the fact that they do not contain formaldehyde, which is required for straightening, they do nothing more than smooth your hair, though they do last a little longer: between four and six months. Keeping your hairstyle for a longer period of time will be easier to maintain if you can get away with washing it less frequently.

    A certain amount of risk is associated with the use of chemicals to straighten your hair as a result of the use of these chemicals during the procedure. When it comes to straightening your hair, there is no such thing as a "natural" way to go about it. Whenever certain ingredients (such as formalin, methanol, and methylene glycol) are heated or combined with water, formaldehyde is produced as a chemical reaction. It's best, according to the American Lung Association, to keep the room well ventilated to ensure that you breathe in as little formaldehyde as possible because it's a known carcinogen, even though formaldehyde can be found in low concentrations in many household products. The chemical formaldehyde can be found in low concentrations in a wide range of everyday products.