Diablo 2: server interruption in Resurrection

  • Diablo 2: Resurrection has had server issues since its launch. After the server problem broke out, Blizzard came forward and said that the server interruption problem was caused by the code of the dark original game and the growing player base. Blizzard gave the reason for the accident and the subsequent solution.

    Blizzard's post explains. The problems encountered in the resurrection version of Diablo 2 are caused by a series of small problems. As long as the related minor problems are solved, the server problem can be solved. Diablo 2: The number of resurrected players still hit a new high last week. There are more players logged in now than when the game was launched, and Blizzard's servers have a hard time keeping up.

    But so far, the biggest problem Blizzard pointed out is related to the way Diablo 2: Resurrection is made. Players who have already entered the game will focus on passing and experiencing new areas. Players will actively choose Buy D2R Items to defeat the new boss. Diablo 2: The resurrection code is a continuation of the old version. No changes were made. These legacy codes will affect new functions. For example, creating a new character in the game.

    Blizzard said that the old system was basically good in the early 2000s, but players now behave very differently from then. In the original game, the expansion of new content and the introduction of new characters caused the instability of the old system. Brings huge pressure on the current system.

    Blizzard said. The solutions currently released are not necessarily permanent. But it can solve the current problems encountered by players. Later, we will continue to review the problems and propose solutions in time. It is difficult for novice players to progress smoothly. Players can go to https://www.mmoso.com/d2r-items for help and can also choose Buy D2R Items. This is very helpful for novice players. In contrast, Blizzard's more durable solution involves decomposing certain services into their independent systems to help reduce the server load they create.