Flick's Bug-Off Event Guide and Tips in Animal Crossing

  • Flick's Bug-Off event will come to the northern hemisphere for the first time at the end of June.


    Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets is just one of the steps for players to upgrade the island to 5 stars. As the seasons change, the seasonal creatures on Player Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons also change. In June, some new bugs will begin to appear on islands in the northern and southern hemispheres. Flick's Bug-Off event will come to the northern hemisphere for the first time at the end of June.


    Players can sell the bugs of the bell, but if possible, they should wait until Flick appears on the island, even if no bugs have fallen. There will be 48 different species of insects in the Northern Hemisphere Islands and 20 species in the Southern Hemisphere Islands.

    As summer reaches the northern hemisphere, players can expect to see more small bugs crawling and flying on the island. In sunny summer, you can catch Emperor Butterfly with Golden Net. Just like in real life, mosquitoes will become an important entrance to the game. Many new mistakes are nocturnal, making them ideal for late-night players.




    How much do Monarch butterflies, and fireflies cost?

    Monarch butterflies, fireflies, and beetles are all insects in the northern hemisphere this season. Monarch butterflies are not common. It can be found that they fly around on the island near the flowers and must be caught with a net. They are worth 4,000 bells. Fireflies are common, flying around freshwater on the island from 7 pm. Until 4 a.m. every day. They sell 300 bells each.

    get 1000 bells

    Monarch Butterfly is one of the few errors that have nothing to do with the hemisphere, which means that all players can start catching this noble rainbow creature in June. They have a fixed appearance time. The first must be sunny, and the second must wait until after 5 pm. If you catch it, can go to the Nook Cranny and sell it for 4,000 AC Bells.


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