2022 Zipper Bunny Day with 10% OFF on Acbellsbuy

  • Why Bunny Day can't use time travel and what you can expect from the 2022 Zipper T. Bunny, Acbellsbuy has the answer.



    Bunny Day is a spring event scheduled for April. According to the calendar, the actual event days change a little bit every year. Bunny Day 2022 is set for the 17th. by the way. Bunny Day 2021 takes place on April 4th. On this day, you will get a lot of costumes, hats, artwork, etc. In addition to participating in egg hunts, it is also legal to buy Animal Crossing Items.



    What is Bunny Day?

    Bunny Day is a lovely event. During the event, you'll find out that your island will be colorful, like who's having a birthday party. The main purpose of the activity is to find eggs of various colors. Zipper T. Bunny, a male Rabbit, is also the organizer of the event. You'll run into him as you wander around the island.



    What do you get for Bunny Day Animal Crossing?

    Zipper T. Bunny will bury 6 types of eggs on the island. Your mission is to find eggs and get egg rewards. Open the egg, and you'll get a DIY recipe for Bunny Day. Learn the Bunny Day DIY recipe, and you can get 44 items related to Bunny Day. The amount of items you get depends on the DIY recipes you get.

    Buy Bunny Day Items with 10% OFF on Acbellsbuy

    Buy Bunny Day Items with 10% OFF on Acbellsbuy

    Bunny Days is a special holiday in April. In celebration of Bunny Day, Acbellsbuy is allowing players to use Code ACBD for 10% OFF. Bunny Days events are limited, as are Acbellsbuy events. Players, you can enjoy the discount only on Date: PST 4/16 to 4/24. In addition to the hot sale of Bunny Day DIY Recipes and Bunny Day Items, discounted items include Buy Animal Crossing Bells, Cheap ACNH Gold, and Animal Crossing Island Designs.



    2022 Can you still travel to Bunny Day ACNH now?

    NO. Before version 1.9.0, time travel was allowed to return to event days.