You can't travel to Christmas or Toy Day in Animal Crossing

  • Enable time travel by adjusting the Switch system time. This allows you to view special holiday events and activities in advance.



    Many AC players like the Time Travel feature in Animal Crossing because it can fulfill your past regrets. This means you can manipulate time. After experiencing Time Travel, something changes when you arrive at the island.  Choosing to buy ACNH Bells can help you restore the island's new look. Faced with the update of Time Travel, more players choose to reject the Time Travel feature. They think Time Travel will make the game less serious and make the game uglier. Which side are you on?





    How to Change the Nintendo Switch Date and Time

    Turn off the internet connection and select System Settings.

    Scroll down to the bottom and select System.

    Choose a date and time.

    Make sure the Sync clock over the Internet is set to Off.

    Choose the date and time of your mind.


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    What Happens If You Time Travel in Animal Crossing?

    Depending on the game's settings, Animal Crossing New Horizons can shorten boring wait times, advance the story quickly, and change the wrong decisions made before. However, if you Time Travel too far, your villagers may move out, and the entire town will be overgrown with weeds. When you come back from your trip, maybe your trip to the island will be bleak. ACNH wallpapers and ACNH art can help you. If you need to Buy Animal Crossing Bells, the Acbellsbuy shop can meet all your needs.





    Will Animal Crossing punish your Time Travel?

    Using Time Travel to speed up boring wait times. or change past wrong decisions seems like cheating. Regrettably. Animal Crossing New Horizons doesn't penalize players for Time Travel. If you are ready to accept the side effects of Time Travel, buy ACNH Tools, and ACNH Golden Tools in advance. All you need to do is simply repair the island plot.





    You can't travel to Christmas or Toy Day in Animal Crossing

    On this special day, players will only participate in the game festival on the actual date. I like this setting. I don't want to break the natural rules of the game. Christmas or Toy Day has extraordinary meaning for players. After the game version 1.6.0 update, time travel is no longer useful for Toy Day and Christmas.

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    How To Get DIY Recipes ACNH is also very important in the game. For more holiday items, the more ACNH Recipes, the better. The items about Christmas or Toy Day in ACNH Items are very rich. The most popular are Toy Day Sleigh and Toy Day Stockings. More choices can go to ACNH Shop to choose.



    Some players have enjoyed time travel by adjusting the Switch's system time and can see things and events in the in-game store in advance during special festivals. In previous summer fireworks and Halloween celebrations, players have successfully predicted the content and new items of the event this way. Although this method satisfies the curiosity of players, it also has a feeling of breaking the rules of the game.



    In the face of Christmas or Toy Day, the thrill of this early snooping is lost, but we can still get the surprise of the event and enhance our ability to explore. What do you think of this?