Diablo 2 Resurrected ACT 1 - The Search For Cain

  • After passing the former two tasks, I believe you are not the rookies, at least know something about this game. Passing the second task of Sisters' Burial Grounds, a free Rogue mercenary will be obtained. When you start the next task, some gears will be prepared for mercenaries as well as potions for your game characters.

    About The Search For Cain

    The Search for Cain task need you to go to Dakwood to find the tree named Inifuss firstly, then click on Inifuss to get the scroll, next find Akara who will translate the scorll to you. Later according to the order on the scroll, you have to go to the Stony Field to click on the five stone pillars in turn. After that, there will be a portal, through which you reach Tristram to find the cage and release Kane. Finally you can return to Rogue Encampment and receive the reward.  

    Task rewards: Cain can identify items for free. You should find Akara to gain the trust of Rogue Encampment first. The price of NPC items in the area is reduced to 90%, but it is invalid for gambling.  

    How to get to Darkwood?  

    The transport platform of Rogue Encampment can help you reach Cold Plains, and then you need walk to the Stony Field. At the edge of the map of the Stony Field, you will find the entrance to the underground passage where you can reach Darkwood through the first floor.

    Resurrected Items are placed in the character's inventory. For items that are useless to you, you can trade with the blacksmith to exchange for a good gear. Keep the best gear for yourself and  the best condition for the next task!

    How many Levels to Activate Diablo 2 Resurrection Rune?

    When players' character reach 11 levels, Runes NO.1 and NO.2 appear. When they reach 13 levels, Runes NO.3 and NO.4 appear. When they reach 15 levels, Runes NO.4 and NO.5 appear. In this way, each number requires 2 levels more than the previous one. That is to say, Runes NO.7 requires 17 levels, and Runes NO.8 requires 19 levels. If you think Diablo II: Resurrected Items are not enough, you can buy them on mmoso.com

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