Why Use Disposable Cleaning Face Towel


    Many people think that towels are a product we use, but they don't give too many ideas. However, for others, towels represent a small component of their self-spoiled, comfortable and even luxury.

    If you step into a top hotel, you will undoubtedly find face towels, hand towels, bath towels and bath towels. Today we will focus on Disposable Cleaning Face Towel, because they are (or should be) the most commonly used types of towels in personal homes.

    Towels are an indispensable part of our lives. They enable us to maintain good cleanliness and health. In addition, a few towels can make us feel enveloped by veritable comfort; therefore, we must seriously consider them. Our face towels are the frontline fighters, and life is very difficult.

    What is a face towel?

    Facial towels are basically facial towels or towels. It is usually a piece of terry fabric material with different thicknesses with holding power. The size of the face towel is generally 12 x 12 inches (30x30 cm).

    Face towel size comparison

    Use of towels

    The purpose of the face towel is to ensure that you get the best facial care. They need to dry your face and remove water, cleansers, characteristic skin oils and facial makeup residues and residues.

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    You will find face towels in hotels, spas, gyms or treatment offices. They should become more and more basic in the personal bathroom, because the dirt and grime in other parts of your body should not disappear completely. You need a special thing to keep your face clean, which is the main reason for the towel.


    How often do you change your face cloth?

    Facial towels must be changed regularly. There should be one every day of the week, so there are at least seven. A messy towel will directly affect your skin. If your skin is very sensitive, be sure to use the perfect towel every time.

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    The best facial tissue fabric

    Towels come in various textures and thread counts. You will find face towels and other towels in the following places:

    100% natural cotton,
    superfine fiber,
    100% bamboo
    Bamboo mix,
    Egyptian cotton,
    Turkish cotton
    Linen etc.
    Although we are about texture, when you need to buy a towel for your face, we need to emphasize the best choice of towels. This means that the most sensitive body parts are exposed to sunlight, dirt, and pollutants.

    The face towel should be:

    Delicate with your facial skin,
    Easy to clean-ideally machine washable
    Rugged and durable, can be used continuously
    And soft.
    With these standards in mind, you should look for top-quality cotton towels. Turkish cotton is the first choice in terms of quality, non-abrasive properties and warmth retention.

    If you need face towels to meet high standards, microfiber face towels are also a good choice.

    How can facial towels help keep the skin clean?

    After using the towel once, it will collect skin particles, dirt and oil on the face. You should only use towels once and then put them in your clothes. It is normal to need to use more towels, but even after showering, the towel will collect a lot of things that you don't want to touch your face.

    White cotton towel basket nature theme

    If you use the towel multiple times, make sure to hang it to dry. In the second use, try not to dry your face with it. Use another spotless towel.

    If you leave the towel on the floor, please try not to use it again-it will not dry properly and will collect any dirt on the floor, which is an ideal place for bacteria to grow.

    If you have very sensitive skin, you need to make sure that your towel is as spotless as if you just bought it from the market. It may even help solve some skin problems.

    When you put your head on the pillow, your face will definitely touch the pillowcase. The pillowcase will have bacteria and dirt, no matter how you clean it. When your skin touches the pillowcase, it will experience everything on it.

    However, you may not want to wash the pillowcase every day. So, what should you do?

    The clean towel method is a perfect way to protect your skin from bacteria and remove some of the bacteria that cause acne, which will help clean your skin in the future.

    Use clean washed towels and don't care too much about how clean you think the used towels look. If you don’t want to use another towel when your current towel is in the laundry room, there is always a disposable paper towel to choose from. You can recycle it after use, although it does cause damage to the environment, so please pay attention to it!
    Use a separate towel. The small pressure is pressed to the whole face.
    Move down to the middle of your face. After removing the keratin on the forehead, move to the cheeks. Carefully consider the oil produced by the nose.
    Gradually move to the chin because it is the origin of the oil.
    Wash your face to remove any excess detergent.
    Use a new clean towel to gently dry your face.
    Disposable Cleaning Wipe may also be used in real life, after all, such disposable products are very convenient.