What to Consider Before Migrating to the Cloud

  • Transforming your business from an on-premise dependent one to a cloud-focused one can be intimidating. However, close to 95 percent of companies have migrated to the cloud infrastructure, mainly spurred by the advent of the pandemic. Most of these businesses are small ones, and their switch to the cloud architecture has been made possible by private label MSPs.

    But what factors are to be taken into consideration that private label MSPs keep in mind while offering cloud migration solutions and how they help businesses are a couple of questions that we will answer in this article.

    First, let’s see what a private label MSP is.

    Quick Intro

    A private label managed service provider (MSP) is a firm that provides its services to businesses that provide them to their customers under their brand. A private label MSP is also known as a white label MSP and offers specialized services.

    Reasons to Consider

    Here are the top focus points that business owners must take note of:

    • Business requirements – Since every business is unique, its needs are also unique. Depending upon business goals, companies must carefully weigh all cloud solution options to understand the level of control and flexibility offered. Choosing the wrong cloud service model can adversely impact business operations.
    • Costing and ROI – Deciding on the perfect cost for your business model is critical to ensuring a high return on investment (ROI). Choosing between a Pay-as-you-use plan or a monthly subscription plan can be the difference between your business just breaking even or actually making profits. A private label MSP can give you expert advice on this matter.
    • Security – Requirements and costs come only after the level of security the cloud service offers. An excellent cloud service provider will have the best cybersecurity tools and software deployed along with disaster recovery systems in place. An expensive cloud platform that cannot keep your data secure will cause extensive damage to your reputation in case of a data breach or cyber-attack.

    How Does a Private Label MSP Help?

    Having a specialist company advise you on your cloud migration strategy is always a preferred choice. They have worked with various companies and are aware of the latest cloud technologies available in the market like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. They are also mindful of the benefits and shortcomings of each one.

    A private label MSP analyzes every option with respect to your business demands and suggests the best one that will provide you with every service you need while keeping the expenses minimal.

    Getting the assistance of a private label MSP is crucial to business growth and success in current times through cloud migration.