Purpose of custom environmental packaging box

  • Do you know that most customers think that the product packaging box is directly related to the value of the product. In other words, the better the product packaging, the higher its perceived value. In the past ten years, consumers' shopping habits have become more and more critical. They even refuse to buy branded products whose brand concept is inconsistent with their personal values. Now more and more users are beginning to pay attention to the earth's climate change. Therefore, sustainable management has become the top priority of most companies. This means that brands need to reconsider the environmental protection of jewelry product packaging and meet the needs of environmentally friendly customers.


    Why should environmental packaging be your preferred solution? The following are some statistics on environmental protection made by foreign experts:

    1. In 2019, EU countries alone produced 502 kilograms of municipal waste per capita.
    2. Only 9% of global plastics are completely recycled.
    3. If customers think your products and packaging boxes are environmentally friendly, they will trust your brand more.


    The above data can show the impact of garbage on the environment and the impact of packaging on the first impression of customers. In addition, the environmentally friendly packaging box has more advantages that are beneficial to the brand.


    First of all, it can reduce the overall transportation cost of the product, because most environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as packaging cartons, are lighter than other materials, which directly reduces the transportation cost of the product. In addition, the packaging carton has super plasticity, and its size can be customized according to the size of the product. Therefore, the customized gift packaging box can control the size to the greatest extent, and also save a lot of packaging material costs and later storage costs for the brand.


    Secondly, environmentally friendly packaging cartons can also attract more customers' attention. According to statistics, more and more customers are now more willing to buy environmentally friendly products. This also proves from the side that if you use environmentally friendly packaging cartons to replace traditional packaging, and then carry out appropriate marketing, this will attract more users' attention.