Process of Writing Strategic Management Assignments

  • The study of strategic management involves to develop and apply strategic plans for businesses through the utilization of planning models, developing values, performing reviews of data, SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, cost-benefit analysis and others. The strategic database management assignment demands applying the knowledge of strategy of the companies, their sustainable visions, development goals and others. Assignments on strategic management sometimes become challenging for the students, especially when the students are asked for analysing a company and make a report on the outcome of the analysis. Followings are come steps that the students can be followed for writing a strategic management assignment.

    1. Prior to the commencement of the strategic management assignment, the requirement is to acquire all the required information on the given assignment topic. Students have the option of referring books related to the assignment topic and they can also collect necessary information on the topic beyond the subject books. This helps the students in gaining adequate information on the strategic management topic.
    2. The requirement of most of strategic management assignments like strategic human resource management walmart is to analyze a particular business organization and to make a report in the company. This requirement demands the students to analyze the assigned business organization for developing business strategies for them. Once the analysis of the company and the development of strategy is done, the students are required to make a report incorporating a discussion on the present situation of the company along with the implementation potential of the new strategies.
    3. The students are also required to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of the provided business organizations. Demonstration of the strengths and weaknesses of the company needs the knowledge of the tools such as core competencies, BCG matrix, VRIO analysis, VRIN analysis, value chain analysis and others.
    4. Successful writing of the strategic management demands the development of strategies for the provided business organization. The new strategies of the business organization will be grounded on the aspects like corporate-level strategy, international-level strategy, cooperative strategy and business-level strategy.
    5. Development of the strategies for the business organization is not adequate in the strategic management assignments unless they are well-supported by resources. For this reason, the students are needed to access different relevant media reports, market intelligence databases and various other resources of the company in order to given justification as well as supporting the developed strategy for the business organization.
    6. The use of different strategic management models can be seen in the strategic management assignments. These models help in evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, core competencies and dynamics of the business organizations. This requires the students to acquire knowledge on incorporating different strategic management models in the assignment such as dynamic SWOT, BCG Matrix, evaluation model and others.
    7. It is required for the students to reference the work done by them in the strategic management assignments. This requires the use of resources like journals, articles, business magazines, newspaper article, subject-related textbooks and others. Use of references makes the strategic management assignment more relevant to the students.