World of Warcraft Classic: Tips On How To Level Up Faster

  • The race to level 60 in WoW Classic means that leveling up faster in-game is one of the most valuable skills in the entirety of Azeroth. Sure, it's nice to have a savvy tank or a detail-oriented healer, but to get to that point, players need to push through the sheer amount of vanilla content - and the gaps in between questlines that require grinding and repetitive dungeon runs. Understandably, it's an intimidating task, one that's fraught with avoidable deaths and quest plotting that can go awry with one wrong turn.

    Make your character now

    Chances are, if you’re interested in gunning for 60 as quickly as you can, you’ve already created your characters. If not, get to it now. Don’t waste precious time after launch deciding which earrings your character should keep. Try logging in before the official hour, too; in past releases, servers have sometimes been available early.

    Then make more The character limit lifted to ten per account at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on launch day in the US, and you should use it to create not only the characters you want on your chosen server, but also some for the new servers added recently.

    Nearly every server currently listed as 'Full' will have massive queues at launch. If you don’t care which server you play on, consider swapping to somewhere less busy. If not, create your characters on one of the new servers to kill time while you’re waiting for your queue to tick down on your first-choice realm.

    Blizzard has already started making noises about character transfers becoming available, as they were at the end of vanilla WoW. Either way, creating more characters gives you something with which to occupy yourself. This works best if you have more than one account active, of course.

    Go PvEUnless you’re locked to a particular server by your guild or friends, choose a non-PvP server for most efficient leveling. Getting ganked takes time since not everyone will be in the same hurry you are. If you're only up for casual PvP, remember that Battlegrounds will be coming in a later phase of Classic for all servers.

    Pick a rarer raceThe race you choose will make a big impact on those maddening crowds. Half the Horde will be queuing with you in the Valley of Trials if you choose Orc or Troll to kill the same boar. On the Alliance side, pick Human and watch as player after player taps that wolf just before your spell hits.

    If you want to make it to 60 as quickly as possible, go for a less common race, such as Gnomes or Undead. They’ll still be popular—each faction only has four races to choose from, after all—but it won’t be as awful.

    If you can’t find other players to boost you, or don’t want to pay the WoW Gold for it, then you can do this.

    Always log out in Inns or cities to get Rested experience.

    Kill everything: If you see a mob, kill it.

    Don’t bother with professions: Professions take a lot of time, so it’s better to do them after you are already max level. The only exception is First Aid. Being able to heal yourself if important. You could take Skinning to get WoW Gold form leather, but it will slow you down.

    Be careful with questing – As a general rule questing isn’t efficient because the travel time required for most quests just eats into your time. It’s more efficient to grind mobs or grind dungeons.

    Picking your class: Hunters and Mages are the best solo levelers. They can pull many mobs at a time and strike them down. Just be aware that if you pick a slower class like Warrior or Rogue, it will take you more time because you don’t have area of effect damage.

    Do dungeons whenever you can: The XP per hour is great in dungeons.

    Sell everything: If you’re leveling to 60 for the first time, or the first time on a new server, then manage your Gold carefully. You will need Gold to buy flights and to buy your mount at level 40. To level fast, you need to get your mount as soon as you hit level 40. Any later is wasted time!

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