WoW Guide: TBC classic Fastest Ways to Level Up Fast

  • Are you searching for a WoW TBC Leveling Guide? This article is about providing tips and tricks to speed up your leveling journey. You will be aware of the zones you should be traveling to, and how to earn experience as fast as possible.

    TBC Classic Leveling Methods

    In TBC Classic, there are a few popular leveling methods: Doing quests, running dungeons, grinding mobs, or boosting.


    Questing is the most common method for everybody. Questing solo, you are not relying on a group and can play on a comfortable schedule. If you are leveling a boosted character from level 58 and you don’t have a group of friends, questing is the best option, as the initial gear is extremely weak. Following the Questing path, you will gain reputation, experience, WOW Gold Classic , and many quests in the Outland provide great item rewards.


    Dungeon grinding can be an incredibly efficient source of experience in TBC Classic. With a group of 5 players, you can clear through instances for fast and efficient XP while getting dungeon drops that will almost certainly be upgrades over the gear you may have from questing. The experience from dungeon grinding is so good that, when done well with a geared and coordinated group, can be over twice as fast as traditional questing. However, this is entirely dependent on your group's gear, knowledge, skill, and efficiency. When executed well it is incredibly lucrative, but if not planned properly it can be much worse, especially if you have to constantly find new group members after every dungeon clear.

    Dungeon grinding can be efficient, but you become reliant on a group. If you do not have a set group of 5 people that plan to go together most of the way, then you are going to be reliant on finding people to do dungeons with in-game. Most servers have a "Looking For Group" and "World" chat where you can find players for dungeons, but it can be hard to find people looking to play on the same schedule as you. If you end up having to find new people every 1-2 clears of a dungeon, then your XP/hour will drop drastically. For the fastest possible leveling, you will want a consistent group that you can run with for minimal downtime.

    Another potential issue with dungeon grinding is that you become isolated from the world for prolonged periods of time. While this can be great on PvP servers (to avoid getting killed by players) and for avoiding congestion on high-population realms, there are some downsides. It is almost impossible to keep most professions leveled as you do dungeons, meaning you will be forced to wait until 70 to train them. A big selling point of WoW is the community and open world, which dungeon grinding can take away from by forcing you to only interact with a select few people and keeping you in small, isolated areas. But again, this is more of a personal preference issue and should not deter you from trying it out if you desire.

    The difference between efficient and inefficient dungeon groups is enough to make dungeon grinding better or worse than questing in terms of XP/hour. For the best possible experience gains, there are two types of "meta" groups. It is important to note, however, that with a full group of raid-geared players from WoW Classic, almost any comp is acceptable to dungeon with especially early on. The difference in power between a freshly-boosted character and a full BiS Tier 3 character is going to be night and day in dungeons, and it will make more of a difference than class choice.


    Mob Grinding is a viable method for classes with high AoE damage, however, to make use of the method, you must be able to gather up enough targets to AOE them down, which is hard to accomplish on high populated realms. This method is more skill reliant and may not suit the general player base. If you are feeling like it, feel free to give it a try.

    There are few important things to focus on before setting foot into the Outland that will have an impact on your leveling speed.


    Boosting is typically reserved for characters below level 60, where a max-level player is paid gold to efficiently kill mobs in a dungeon to provide high amounts of experience to lower-level characters. Boosting is by far the most efficient way to level, although it tends to be quite expensive.

    It is recommended to use a combination of these leveling methods, as there are a limited number of quests to complete in each zone and dungeon groups might not always be accessible. However, there are certainly enough quests and dungeons to reach level 70 with ease.

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