Should I choose ACbellsbuy or Nookazon to buy Acnh fossil?

  • The Fossil ACNH is a recurring class of collectibles in Animal Crossing New Horizons. According to the feedback of professional Facebook players, there are 73 fossils in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but only 67 fossils in New Leaf. so. If you love collecting fossils, Animal Crossing New Horizons is for you.



    Animal Crossing fossil location

    You'll find star markers as you walk around the island. Star markers mark items buried on the island. Use the shovel tool to dig at the star-marked location. Other items may also be buried. Including traps or treasures.  I'm sure you'll be digging up ACNH Fossils most of the time. Buy Animal Crossing Bells are all you need if you want a proper shovel. Animal Crossing Items can help make island living more comfortable.


    shovel excavating fossils


    If you succeed in digging up the fossil, you need to evaluate the fossil. Bring the newly excavated fossils to talk to the Blathers at the museum. Blathers will reveal the identity of the fossil and ask for permission to donate. ACNH Fossil can only show the value of the fossil if it is donated to the museum. Go to the Nook Stop terminal and select the Nook Shopping feature to check the list of fossils you already own. The museum only collects fossils of the same species once, and you can get the extra fossil Acnh to sell in Nook's Cranny or give it to island neighbors. At Nook's Cranny, a complete set of fossils is worth 261,600 bells.


    Two fossil prices at ACbellsbuy



    Comparison of ACbellsbuy and Nookazon data

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