8 Tasks To Do Every Day: Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • Our animal crossing islands will change over time. You discover something new every day. But there are some things you need to do every day. Once you miss, you may miss a lot of wonderful.


    1. Nook Stop sign-in

    Check-in for 7 consecutive days to earn 300 Nook Miles. If you take a day off, check-ins will restart.


    2. Nook's Cranny

    If you love new furniture as much as I do, don't miss the daily updates from Nook's Cranny. One of the hallmarks of starting a shopping journey is Buy Animal Crossing Bells.



    Browse ABLE SISTER SHOP during business hours. Dresses, shoes, hats, and glasses videos are changed every day. Cross-dressing is the beginning of a beautiful day.


    4. Throwing stones

    A stone that knocks out bells. Find it and hit the money stone in a row. you can get up to 16000bells.


    5. Excavation

    Dig where the island is marked with a star. You're bound to dig something. If it's a fossil, you can donate it to Blathers. If it's a duplicate, you can also go to Nook's Cranny to sell it. If you're lucky, you'll find glowing gold dots on the ground. Mining and planting 1000bells, you can get up to 30000bells in return.


    6. Talk to NPC visitors

    Your island will have random NPCs that stop by for various reasons. Talk to them. You may receive a precious gift. Appropriate gifts to NPCs can increase their friendship with each other. ACbellsbuy.com sells thousands of ACNH Items, and it's a great idea to prepare a gift from Animal Crossing Items.


    7. Open the seaside bottle

    A new bottle washes ashore every day by the sea. Open the bottle to get and learn DIY recipes. DIY recipes are the essential ingredients you need to make specific items.


    8. Watering and weeding

    If you are growing flowers like roses, watering them every day is a must. The weeds on the island are also updated daily. To maintain the star rating of the island, weeds must be eradicated regularly. Weeding can also increase the goodwill of residents.


    That's all we have for you to do every day. Simple events will involve the use of ACNH Bells, ACNH Items, and Nook Miles Tickets. Come to acbellsbuy.com and choose Buy ACNH Gold. we can offer you the best price and 100% legit goods.