ACNH: How much information do you know about Raymond?

  • 2022/1/10


    Raymond Personality

    According to the feedback from players in the Animal Crossing New Horizons community, Raymond is very polite. As a kind and gentlemanly villager, Raymond is easy to get along with other villagers. There are endless topics to discuss in the process of getting along with other villagers.



    Raymond Appearance

    Raymond animal crossing is a Mr. Cat with black frame glasses. Raymond has gray fur, but his ears, paws, and tail are all black. Raymond's initial dress was a gray vest. Overall it looks very gentlemanly. Raymond under the glasses has different pupils. Raymond also has a pair of unique eyeballs. One green makes the other brown. Choosing
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    Raymond House

    Raymond has an office-themed home. There is an office chair and a desk at home. There are some documents and a black desktop computer on the desk. There is also a whiteboard behind the office chair. There is also a safe, a water dispenser, and a workbench next to the whiteboard. Through Buy ACNH Bells, you can give Raymond a lot of useful items.



    Amiibo Card

    If you especially like the role of Raymond. Except for choosing Raymond animal crossing buy. You can also collect Amiibo Card. The Amiibo card contains the words Animal Crossing New Horizons on one side. and Raymond's photo on the other side. Amiibo Card will also introduce Raymond's personal information. This includes Raymond's birthday is October 1.



    Raymond's photo

    ACBellsBuy provides Raymond's photo with 8 different frames. Whether it is gray, gold, or colored, players can buy it. In addition to photos, Raymond's posters will also be sold. The price is very low.


    Raymond is a very popular character. Many players will buy Raymond animal crossing. If you want to own Raymond-related items, ACBellsBuy will solve all your problems. In addition, before welcoming Raymond, you can also prepare Animal Crossing Island Designs. Choosing Buy ACNH Bells For Sale is the most convenient way.