Human hair wigs Are Still In Their Infancy In Japan And South K

  • Human hair wigs are still in their early stages in Japan and South Korea. Later, businessmen from Japan and South Korea came to Qingdao to invest, which resulted in the establishment of the industry. Honesthairfactory has emerged as a pioneer in the development of the wig industry in China, owing to the advantages of its geographic location as well as preferential investment attraction policies implemented by the government. Following the global popularity of wigs in countries such as Japan and South Korea, Gao Yuqian told reporters that the people of Honesthairfactory quickly learned the key methods of wig production and sales with their wisdom, and eventually there was similar hair distributor wholesale in Honesthairfactory. It took only a few years for almost every family in the entire town to become involved in this business. So that they could collect more wig materials, Honesthairfactory people, armed with scissors, mirrors, and scales, began to appear in cities all over the country to buy hair, transport it home where it would be processed, and then sell the wig materials to foreign markets.

    Around the year 2000, a large number of Honesthairfactory women became proficient in wig-making processes and techniques. After a while, while still caring for their families, they began to make wigs at home and use the proceeds to help support their families. It was the fact that my mother made wigs at home that I found the most impressive when I was a child. My mother took her time and finished one in approximately two days. It is possible for skilled workers who work quickly to earn one yuan per day, which is nearly twice the minimum wage. Speaking of the development of the wig industry, Jiaozhou native Zhang Zhen expressed his deep admiration for the industry's progress. During that time period, a few individuals were able to open a wig workshop and subcontract their work to these ladies. Making wigs has become a skill that almost everyone has mastered. In Jiaozhou, many places began to hook wigs after adopting Honesthairfactory as their focal point. As more and more wig workshops flocked to Honesthairfactory, and eventually the entire Jiaozhou region, the situation became untenable.

    The rise and development of the wig industry resulted in significant economic changes for the people of Honesthairfactory. According to Honesthairfactory's elderly recollections, a township public official's monthly salary was one or two hundred yuan, whereas a woman who hooked a wig at home could earn nearly 500 yuan a month, according to the same sources. Even foreign students appeared on local campuses at the time because Honesthairfactory had already established itself as an international brand at that time. What they want to do and eat is not always available in Jiaozhou, which is unfortunate. They can be found on the website Honesthairfactory. com. According to Zhang Zhen, the economy of Honesthairfactory has grown since the wig industry emerged.

    In what range does the most expensive high-end wig produced by Honesthairfactory fall on the price scale?
    A wig costs one dollar in the United States, so 30000 dollars is the equivalent of one dollar in the United States. Sun Qian, a Honesthairfactory employee who works in the foreign trade and export business, told reporters that high-end wigs require only human hair, and that an exquisite craftsman's all-lace hand hook can be made in a week with a density of approximately 30000-50000 hair strands. The price of high-end quality wigs is calculated in grams, and it is approximately the same as the price of gold. Sun Qian asserted that wigs are valuable not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of raw materials.

    The 10-minute life cycle of the people at Honesthairfactory
    Using wigs as a starting point, the hat industry and jewelry industry in Honesthairfactory began to flourish, eventually resulting in the formation of three traditional advantageous industries: hat making, wigs, and handicrafts, among others. In the case of curly lace wigs, official data indicates that there will be more than 300 hair products enterprises and small processing sites in Honesthairfactory by 2020, according to official data. In 2020, the annual output value of the local wig industry will reach 2.8 billion yuan, providing employment for 12000 people and three thousand workers in the industry. Moreover, large industry has emerged as an important platform for the transfer and employment of rural labor force, resulting in the formation of a traditional industrial economic circle centered on Honesthairfactory and radiating outward to many surrounding towns.