NBA 2K21 Next Gen Patch 1.04 Latest Release

  • As the festival approaches, the latest update of the next generation edition of NBA 2k21 comes in time! On the eve of the end of the year, the visual concepts development team is working hard. As the third update of Playstation 5 and Xbox series x|s, there are a lot of contents, including a lot of improvements in game mode, function and so on. The key part includes the festival preparation of the Basketball City, the improvement and renewal of NBA courts, uniforms and player portraits. Buy NBA 2K MT at with cheap price and fast delivery!

    The modification list is very long, and the update is now available. Please browse the full details below!

    • Game settings. Enhance collision and block collision animation to avoid unnecessary sliding
    • Even when the picture is reversed, the computer defender can now recognize the direction of the picture correctly. Reduce the "green shot" window when seriously interfering with shooting
    • Fix the abuse of double bags. Adjust the trigger time of game expression to avoid false movement
    • Fixed the problem of the tactical image that the pass route will start to display from where the self created player has no ball. Fixed occasional reset of some settings when entering and exiting the menu during the game
    • Now you can modify the rhythm and rebound settings when you switch ace manager. During the game of garage shooting field, the movement of the players when they defend and serve outside the boundary will be more realistic
    • Basketball City.The dress of Basketball City has become more festive now! It will be officially launched at 0 a
      m. on Wednesday! Continue to optimize and improve the performance of Basketball City
    • The architecture / object / Terrain / lighting of Basketball City has been improved and strengthened. The function of inviting and joining friends in Basketball City has been further improved
    • Improve the process for players equipped with basketball or vehicles to enter the store.Try on function of independent stores in Basketball City can now be used correctly
    • The prestige multiples in the post match review will now be displayed correctly.