Animal Crossing: New Horizons - A Survival Guide for the Early

  • The latest installment in the Animal Crossing series was released last Friday, and many old and new fans alike have rushed to get their hands on it, especially in light of the fact that the majority of the population is confined to their homes.

    During the early stages of this rather unique game, it is possible to feel both overwhelmed by the possibilities and perplexed as to what exactly to do. I'll be happy to share some of my knowledge and experience with you in order to help you survive your arrival on a desert island.
    Are you ready to take off?
    So, are you on your way to your new desert island, or have you already arrived? Please keep in mind that while New Horizons provides a plethora of personalization options, some of the choices you make at the start are final. As a result, if any of the items listed below are important to you, you may want to consider resetting your game:
    Island Name: It's possible that you'll be playing Animal Crossing for a long time. When it comes to naming your island, don't go overboard with bad taste!
    The color of the airport will be chosen at random from orange, yellow, blue, or green.
    Fruit selection: cherry, pear, apple, orange, or peach are chosen at random from a large variety of options. In the market, your original fruit will be worth less than the other fruits, and you will be able to grow the other fruits on your island once you have obtained them.
    River Mouths: You can later make changes to the rivers, lakes, and hills on your island, but it is impossible to touch the beach and, as a result, move the two river mouths that are currently in place.
    The first player is:The most important player on the island is the one who will be in charge of making the vast majority of the decisions that will affect it. In that case, if there are several of you playing on a single console, make sure there is one person who will play on a regular basis and who will listen to their fellow citizens.
    Even the appearance (and even gender) of your character, the layout of rivers and hills, the number of starting villagers, and the location of all buildings can be changed later on if you so choose.
    Organize your materials for better tinkering.
    The introduction of Do It Yourself (DIY) is a significant innovation in New Horizons. You'll need to get more DIY recipes in Animal Crossing‚Äč if you want to make new tools every time your old ones break, as well as furniture to decorate your home and island.
    Rocks and trees have no ability to regenerate. In other words, once you (or your self-centered little brother) have annihilated everyone on your island, you'll have to wait until the following day to collect any additional stones or wood. At the very least, the branches, which allow you to tinker (again and again...) with rudimentary tools, regenerate, and you can thus gather in large quantities by shaking the trees.
    If you are sharing your island with another person, it is possible that the sharing of resources will cause conflict during the first few days of your island's existence. However, we have discovered that when playing co-op on a single console, the tools of the second player do not become unusable. As a result, it is more efficient to allow it to hit everything while the former simply collects everything. Obviously, we must then distribute the fruits of our labors in an equitable manner!
    The good news is that you will soon be able to visit Mystery Islands, where you will be able to gather additional resources and possibly meet future inhabitants for your island.
    The following is a pro tip: Boulders can drop up to eight items if you hit them eight times in a specified amount of time. In order to avoid having to back up with each shot and wasting valuable time, cut two holes behind you, as shown in the image above.
    Make a fortune and pay off your debtsTom Nook is a fictional character created by author Tom Nook.
    The game New Horizons has two different currencies: Bells and Nook Points. Bells and Nook Points are used to purchase items in the game. These are attained by achieving a variety of objectives, some of which are long-term and others which are daily in nature. They are primarily used to purchase tickets to visit mystery islands as well as to unlock various features within the game itself.
    The bells will allow you to expand your home, purchase furniture, wallpaper, and clothing, in short, a plethora of items across the game's various categories. In addition, you will come across a turnip seller every Sunday. She will sell you some for a price that is usually in the range of 100 bells or less. All week long, the local shop will offer to buy them back for a price that will vary from morning to afternoon. Consequently, the objective is to purchase turnips at the lowest possible price and resell them at a profit as high as possible.
    Pro tip: Notice a bright spot in the ground? That's a good sign. You'll come across a bag of bells if you look hard enough. In a few days, re-bury the bag in the exact same location, and you'll be surprised by what you find inside!
    Those who wait for good things will reap the benefits.
    Animal Crossing is a game designed to be played in small chunks over a period of time. Every day, something new will take place on your island, and new items will become available at your local store to purchase. You will be able to gradually personalize your surroundings, and the shop will grow in proportion to the number of bells you invest in the establishment. You can also go shopping with your friends to encourage neighborly savings while also getting a variety of items.
    There is a good chance that you will not be able to complete everything right away, and it may be tempting to travel back in time to speed up the process or to request the assistance of other players to provide you with the tools you require.
    Personally, I recommend that you respect the rules of the game and allow yourself to be guided by them. Rest assured that if you stick to the story and meet the daily demands of Tom Nook and his cronies, it will only take a few days to finish exploring your island and erecting the first public structures. The anticipation only makes the revelations that much more satisfying!