Is NBA 2K21 Getting Better

  • NBA 2K series is considered by many as the best sports game in the world. There's another one this season and we're checking to see if we're keeping the lead. On paper, there is not much change compared with 2k20. Of course, the players are up-to-date, but the craziest thing this season is that we are still working hard for the the rewards, tokens and NBA 2K21 MT, and the list of new players who have just graduated from college will not be released until October 16. There is no doubt that they will join the right team, but it's a crazy feeling.

    The fact that you are only playing in a crowded stadium is also alienating. Basketball fans have been used to "bubbles" so far. The game was all played in Orlando, with fans sitting at home projected on the big screen. This crazy change is missing in 2k21.


    The button is basically the same as last year, but now you can also shoot by moving the right rocker back. Anyone who wants to dribble "behind" and suddenly shoot from the centre line has a small learning curve to overcome. I find it hard to familiarize myself with new controls. Especially because you can still shoot with the buttons. If the rocker is broken three times, you will automatically use the button again.


    The rest of the game is very similar to what we got in NBA 2k20 after several patches. So it's not really refreshing, and you're starting to wonder why 2K still releases a new game with a new title every year, and doesn't use the revenue model with season tickets and a growing engine.


    In fact, it's not like a new game. Those who played a lot of street basketball in previous versions now have a Venetian beach square rather than an urban environment. It's refreshing, but nothing like what fortnite does every new season.


    Anyone who plays myplayer can choose to scan his face with his mobile phone and use it in the game. Personally, I've never been able to make it look like I don't have a blue dot or a big head on my cheek. But it must be my lack of patience. I see people on the Internet really turning it into the player they look like.


    This professional model with its own role is renewed. This time you start in high school, and then you play on the college team. Its name is correct, but your teammates are not really players walking there. 2K does not have these rights. As a result, in your first season in the NBA, there is a whole club in the League without basketball players, which is a shame. So it doesn't feel as real as it did a few years ago.


    The plot is quite scripted, with actors including Michael K. Williams, jimon Hansel and Jesse Williams. Basketball players Sir Lillard and Zion Williamson also played a small role. Unfortunately, as a player, you have little contribution. Sometimes you feel that you are no longer playing games, but watching TV series. It's just what you like.


    Those who love playing myteam will have to pay this year. The fact is the advantages and disadvantages in NBA 2K21, on the one hand, 2K is paying more and more attention to micro transactions with VC and 2K21 MT, especially if you play myplayer and myteam at the same time, you either have to endlessly hone or transfer funds to buy VC from time to time. It's not cool.


    On the other hand, I feel that the 2K team is already busy with the new generation of game console. Before Christmas, 2k21 came out with the new Playstation 5 and Xbox series s and X. Versions of the game, including the upgrade, are available for purchase. For those who want to play the game immediately and want to continue to use the new console in the future.


    Is NBA 2K still the best sports simulation game? When it comes to playfulness, absolutely. When it comes to all the extra game modes, there are still some areas that need to be improved. For example, the fifa20 feels richer.